CIS/CJFL/ Red and White Ref unifroms

I had a look on the CIS and CJFL websites cuz my interest in them is pecking. if I had to change anything about the CIS, I’d add more teams, and that’s it (if something has to have a red and black logo, rather be the CIS, I’m glad that they have a green logo within it to remind me of the West logo). I’m curios what the Quebec, OUA, Canada West, and Atlantic logos look like, if they have any at all.

Like I said before, I’d like to see more teams where they have the money, this is the list of teams I wanna see return or cities wanna see get teams:

Laurentian University (Sudbury, ON)
College Militaire Royal (St. Jean, QC)
Macdonald College (Ste. Anne de Bellevue, QC)
University de Quebec a Trois Rivieres (Trois Rivieres, QC)
University of Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown, PEI)
University of New Brunswick (Fredericton, NB)
University College of Cape Breton (Sydney, NS) (this program existed for that one year only.)

Teams that RIP:

St. Patrick’s College (Ottawa, ON) - amalgamated with Carleton University and Carleton University (Ottawa, ON) (I like to think that Carleton merged with Ottawa U)
Royal Military College (Kingston, ON) (merged with Queen’s U)
[u]1972 - Universite de Quebec a Montreal (Montreal, QC) (I like to think that they were also a part of the Concordia meager.
1974 - Loyola College (Montreal, QC) - Loyola College and Sir George Williams University merged to form Concordia University which continues to field a football program in the QIFC.
1976 - Dalhousie University (Halifax, NS) (merged with St. Mary’s U)

Cities I want see with teams in the CIS:
Thunder Bay
St. John, NB
St. John’s, NFL
maybe teams in the territories?

I’d really like to know the Defunct teams of the CJFL, I haven’t been able to find any info about that. except this but it’s incomplete:

BTW, no rule changes in either league, I feel you have to keep the kick convert in these leagues for the Canadian football trandisionaist.

I think that the leagues go like this.

CFL: Major cities
CIS: Major and minor cities
CJFL,QJFL,(MJFL): Minor cities

and yes, I fell that a few teams should relocate to smaller cities if they can (unless those cities become absorbed into bigger cities like Richmond was by Vancouver), like the Rifles I’d like to rename the Flin Flon Rifles, if FF doesn’t have a stadium, they can be based out of Winnipeg with that name.

check this out!

[url=] ... S_6517.gif[/url]

Now on to the Red and White uniforms for the refs, I introduced this in a previous post. I think it would be a great idea because it would be very patriotic and I thought about it after see the new Orange ref uniforms form the AFL/VFL.

However, the reaction I got from it was not in it’s favor, likely because the colors are that of Calgary’s.

I’m doing a poll because I think it’s worth at least a vote, if it doesn’t do too well, I’ll make my own RandW ref uniform and I’ll leave it at that.

eventually look for Thompson Rivers University ( Kamloops)) to have a CIS team. They are in their first year of CIS basketball and volleyball. They are building a number of athletic facilities on campus ( including a 1000-1500 seat stadium). Kamlloops has a rich tradition of producing CFL players so it is just a matter of time before the community gets involved. On the other hand, the CIS may loss UBC to NCAA division 1 Western Athletic Conference. They are in discussion and there is a chance that they wii be accepted, slim chance but it is still a chance

if that happens, Maybe the Vancouver CJFL team will come into the CIS and fill the void left by the UBC.

But I don't get why they would want too, in my mind, the NCAA is on a lower level than the CIS in the US, like about the level the CJFL is.

.......the key statement there is 'in my mind'.........

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It's one of the best Animes I even seen IMO.

There has been discussion for years about UBC opening up a campus in the Okanagan. With it, there has been discussion of the Sun, the CJFL team, playing in the CIS instead for the new University. University of British Columbia - Okanagan, is opening soon, so we'll see where it goes with Football.

Zartan is correct, there has been talk about that UBC campus in the interior. The Apple bowl is a pretty decent Stadium to handle the fan interest in the Okanagan.

And Kanga, leave the ref jersey's alone. Geez, they'll look like Candy Canes with legs. If you want to check out that Candy cane jersey, rent the Movie "Slap Shot" or find some old clips of the early days of the defunct WHA hockey league. I beleive their refs started out looking like Candy canes for a few years.

If it exists
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UBC Okanogan has been approved, it was approved over a year ago. UBC has committed over $100 million towards a new campus and if I’m not mistaken they have begun construction. I have also heard about the Sun becoming the football program for the campus…

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I try to help out, but I'm a lazy person.

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I'm curios what the Quebec, OUA, Canada West, and Atlantic logos look like, if they have any at all. anybody know where I can find them?

I'd really like to know the Defunct teams of the CJFL, I haven't been able to find any info about that. except this but it's incomplete.

(I also now think that No Yards is cool)

Kanga, go to this web site,, click regional associations and your wish will come true

Some defunct teams from the CJFL:
Thunder Bay Giants (an O-lineman won the Grey Cup with the Riders in '89)
Toronto Titans
Burlington Jr. Ticats

There also is a Quebec Junior Football League with teams around Ottawa and Quebec:


sory I didn’t relpy in the last few days, been sick.

So Thunder Bay did have a CJFL team eh? Zartan, intreresting. Burington now has a new CJFL team if I’m not mistaken.