CIS Championship game or poker game?

oh god I hate Cabbie. And yes, I do like urban comedy/culture, i just dont like hams.

It was a very boring game and was -25oC with a wind chill of -35oC.

No one could hang onto the ball.

As for interest in THE V. CUP , the T.V. ratings are just not there like they are for The CFL.

LAVAL won 13 to 8 , in SASK.'s own back yard.

CONGRATS TO LAVAL , again :thup:

A 12,000+ very cold sell out.

Next years VAN. CUP will be played in Toronto at the R.C. on the Friday during Toronto's GREY CUP week- end. :thup: The TOP 3 most expensive seat prices for the GREY CUP , VAN. CUP tickets are included with the GREY CUP , tickets. :thup:

Why would any network air poker instead of football? I know, the money...I don't consider poker a sport; you don't have to necessarily train your's a game; not all games are sports.

re-truwarier -cis games make money, i dont blame tsn, sportsnet, or cbc for airing it. It like the general public is in a rush to buy seats for cis games or mechandise, has the time come in this country to follow cis sports, the majority of these kids end up being star athletes in pro leagues, so why should anybody care?
is that NWO
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