CIS Championship game or poker game?

What are your thoughts on the fact that all the major sports stations have chosen poker and pool over the CIS championship game? I, for one, think it's brutal that they are showing no interest in Canadian football.

The Score is showing the game at 3?

Yep joedavtav is correct the score is showing the game at 3 eastern.

The high in Saskatoon today is -17, with a wind of 10 km/hr, should be a defensive battle.

I was refering to TSN and Sportsnet even CBC for that matter. I don’t consider The Score to be a top sports station. Unless you’re really into

The Score has been showing CIS games all year long. Personally for me it doesn't matter which station carries the game as long as I'm able to see it.

I agree its sad to see the more prominent TSN not carrying the game. I'm not sure which station has more availability since they are both cable stations. I'd just want as many people to be able to watch as possible

Its good for The Score since they do give the CIS a game of the week where all the other, more prominent sports-casters shun the league.

the pre-show is on now

It looks quite cold the guys with mics are shivering visibly.

why does the college team ( huskies ) have better turf then the pro team ( riders )?

is this the same turf the riders are getting this offseason?

cis games dont make money, i dont blame tsn, sportsnet, or cbc for not airing it. It isnt like the general public is in a rush to buy seats for cis games or mechandise, nobody has the time in this country to follow cis sports, the majority of these kids dont end up being star athletes in pro leagues, so why should anybody care?

Cold!!!! And did you see the group of guys who had their shirts off and their bodies painted in green?
Brrrrrrrrrrrrr, they must be serving high octane beverages today.

Pre-game says their expecting 13,000 people. That's great, just hope the rest of them are wearing clothes.

The Riders are getting field turf in the off-season.

what is with the audio on this broadcast?...cutting out and now an

no kidding it is beyond trippy

I'm gonna blame the frigid cold on the technical difficulties and let 'The Score' off the hook.

i love the black painted endzones...the CFL needs more painted endzones....isn't winnipeg the only team with painted endzones right now?

I think Calgary has red end zones- but im not sure on that, so dont quote me

they DID have red endzones...then they got field turf this past season, and the endzones were green.

redwhite2005 says they will paint them red next year tho.

OH...theres the audio screwin up again!

We dont have to paint the end zones at Mosaic , they are already green... :wink:

hopefuly, when the riders get the new turf this offseason, they paint the endzones silver and black, with RIDERS written in green...or something similar.