CIS - Can West on TV today

Just thought that I would inform people if they didn't know, that Sportsnet West and Pacific are showing CIS football today. On West will be Huskies vs Rams, and I am not sure what game is on Pacific as I don't get it. Its on at 1 local time, 3 et. So same time as the TO Mtl game. I will be flipping abck and forth all day.

TSN is showing the Huskies vs, UOM has all but won the game with a 26 point lead late in the no need to watch anymore.

Its the David Stevens show baby. he has like 160 yds ruching, and i think 3 tds. and had a 50 yd screen pass TD called back.
This is all in one half. I think he had 120 yds after the first qrtr. in the second they used another guy fro some plays.
Can anyone say Hec Creighton??

Wow that was a route. Sask kiled Regina. not sure what the final score was, but it was somewhere around 58 - 8.
Stevens didn't play in the second half, as he got hurt very early in that half, looks like it was more precautionary taking him out though.

One victory for Sask this weekend, tomorrow will bring another

Go Riders Go
Go Huskies Go

Lots of TV coverage for the CIS today. Sportsnet Pacific had Alberta vs. UBC, while SNWest had UoS vs Regina. The Score had York vs Ottawa, and TSN had St Mary's and Montreal. Tons of football today!

I for one am damn happy about it too. plus there was of course the CFL game, and tonnes of NCAA football. I got to see a lof pigskin thrown around today.

I wish they showed more CIS. I hope that sportsnet got good ratings, becasue really that is the only thing that will keep them. They don't actually care about the league.

I love it

I had to leave before the final score, but I did see we beat them 57-8. Too bad about that touchdown too, but I guess on a 3rd and 4, why would we expect them to throw to the endzone.

I think my favourite play was the 2 yard interception return for a touchdown early in the 2nd quarter.

I could see sportsnet showing late-season games like this year, but I don't know if they'd want to show a whole season.

It's about damn time that the Can west was televised. I am sick of watching OUA