CIS Broadcasts

I thought I would start a thread to keep everyone (who is interested) updated on what CIS games you can watch each week.

Week 2 (Sept 9th and 10th)

September 9th:

Mount Allison vs St. Mary's (9) - 7:00pm ADT (CIS Website)
Regina vs Saskatchewan (5) - 7:00pm MDT (CIS Website)
UBC (10) vs Calgary (4) - 7:00pm MBT (CIS Website)

September 10th:

Acadia vs StFX - 2:00pm ADT (CIS Website)
Concordia vs Bishop's - 1:00pm EDT (CIS Website)
Toronto vs York - 1:00pm EDT (CIS Website)
Montreal (6) vs Laval (1) - 1:00 EDT (Nationally on SRC/French CBC)
Western (2) vs McMaster (3) - 1:00 EDT (Nationally on The Score)
Manitoba vs Alberta - 7:00 MDT (CIS Website)

Thanks great work, The Western vs Mac game only game on T.V. !!! will be watching that one.

The Montreal vs Laval game is on national TV too on SRC (French CBC). That is carried out west, isn't it?

Both the Western vs McMaster game and the Montreal vs Laval games are HUGE. It's gonna make for a great Saturday afternoon. :rockin:

Good thread. Thanks for the update. Keep posting. :thup:

Here is a link for webstreaming...

Are there any others that offer streaming?

I believe SSN Canada does all CIS games, but i'm not positive.

Here's a list of links to the TV schedules for each of the CIS divisions.

Canada West

[url=] ... 100721-cw2[/url]


[url=] ... 110623-aus[/url]


[url=] ... 10623-resq[/url]


Week 3 (Sept 16th and 17th)

September 16th:

Calgary (3) vs Regina - 7:00 MDT (CIS website)

September 17th:

Bishop's vs Mount Allison - 2:00 ADT (CIS website)
Guelph vs Toronto - 1:00 EDT (Nationally on The Score)
Saint Mary's (8) vs Montreal (6) - 1:00 EDT (Nationally on SRC/French CBC)
Saskatchewan (4) vs Manitoba - 1:00 CDT (CIS website)
Alberta vs UBC - 2:00 PDT (CIS website)

  • If you live in London and have Rogers cable, the Ottawa vs Western game will be on Rogers TV (channel 13) live at 1:00 EDT and re aired at 8:00 that night.