CIS All Star Game

The CFL should consider sponsoring a CIS all star game for draft eligible players some time during the winter months in late January or February. It would help give the players national exposure, and would also help to break up this long off season. It would allow these players to learn something about the pro game to and be coached by pro coaches. Heck, it doesn't have to be just CIS players, it can be all draft elligible players, from the NCAA and the CJFL to.

How about having the Vanier Cup Champs, play a NCAA bowl team for the international Bowl Canadian rules ?

I like that. very intertaining idea. i would even watch best of two games, one americna rules, one canadian.

There already is a game, it's called the East-West Bowl.
"The East West Bowl showcases CIS players who will be eligible for the CFL draft. The East squad is comprised of student-athletes representing institutions from the Atlantic and Quebec conferences in addition to Ottawa, Queen's, York and Toronto, while the West squad is made up of players from universities west of the Greater Toronto Area."

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The last one was played at UWO in London.

The CFL and NFL sponsor the East West Bowl as well. In fact, their logos are right on event logo.

As an aside, we have to get that game on TV. I think CIS ball in general is one of the most under-appreciated sports in Canada. And that event showcases the best CIS talent at a time of year when I personally am desperate to watch some Canadian ball.

But your point is well-taken. I would like to know to what extent the CFL kicks money into CIS ball. I suspect it is apallingly low, which kills me when you hear certain factions talking about a possible reduction in the number of starting Canadians in the CFL.

I think before that happens, the CFL better remember who supports the league, and what their slogan is. They trade on the "Canadianism" of the league, so before they start talking about a reduction in Canadian starters, they'd better demonstrate they're investing to an appropriate level in the development of future Canadian talent. I may be wrong, but I have the feeling that the CFL sponsors CIS at a minimal level.