Circle Your Calendars: CFL releases 2021 schedule

But we have Friday night football on TSN and that will never change, it's a tradition.
CFL fans have to suck it up. If the Packers and Bills can play evening games in December and January and still sell out then CFL fans could at least suffer a couple of nights a year


During this season, there will be a time where:

Riders have 3 games in 12 days
Ti-Cats have 4 games in 16 days
Redblacks have 3 games in 10 days

Also, Randy Ambrosie said yesterday that he expects that there will be fans allowed into the stadium for every CFL game played this season.

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Ambrosie wouldn't know any more than the rest of us.
We are all waiting for provincial announcements on when and how many fans in the stands.

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Ottawa has the worst schedule in the CFL/ Plays 3 games in 10 days. Plays 2 Western teams, Edm & BC, twice. Outside of LaPo & Nichols, made few changes on team. Desjardins feels record due to coaching. Hope that's all there is to that record. Lost 2 starters on OL, Saunders retired. Odds stacked against them. I have a hard time seeing them escape the basement.

I wholeheartedly agree with your statement.

I don't understand how Ottawa can play Edmonton and BC twice and Winnipeg zero times. Is the CFL scheduler on crack?

walk a mile in his shoes

If I walked a mile in his shoes I would be completely lost and would have to call 911 so they could track the GPS on my phone. East should have played West once and the rest should be divisional games. What if the Western teams win all their games against Ottawa and Winnipeg misses a home playoff game because of it?

you do understand extenuating circumstances, yes?

My way is less travel. If it’s a matter of cost then all games should be divisional. They had almost two years to come up with a schedule and this was the best they could do.

Winnipeg should have no excuses as their schedule gives them plenty of time to rest and prepare as the shortest turnaround between games is a tolerable 6 days, and that only happens once.

Derek Taylor said the Argos have the toughest schedule as they play the previous Grey Cup participants in 6 of their 14 games.

Argo fans have a right to complain as much as anyone. They have a tough enough time drawing fans. They don’t need another roadblock on their path to success. A balanced schedule for everyone is doable in my opinion

no, they didnt have almost 2 years. They had since they finally decided on when they were going to play. Then it was such issues as stadium availability, covid related issues re travel and crowd allowance, etc. Plus more issues than you or I am aware of.

Ambrosie was quoted as saying that they had contingency plans for their contingency plans. I’m not buying it

well, that is not going to change anything.

For me, I am just glad for some cfl ball games, no matter who plays who, when, or how often.

The other thing is that there shouldn’t be much competition for scheduling a stadium right now. No concerts, monster truck rallies, boat shows etc. I’m glad you’re happy though.

Thank you, that made my day :slight_smile:

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You originally mentioned Ottawa playing Montreal 4 times. It stuck in my head as I kept reading. This is why I singled out Ottawa. Everyone has a legit complaint about the schedule if they look close enough.

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Pretty much...

You can't make everyone happy, but there is no reason to not make SOME of the people happy

I seriously wonder if they even try....In the origional schedule Mtl played Ott 6 is down to 4...and they only go out west twice!

They play 1 home game in Aug, 1 home game in Sept 1 home game in Oct,,,its ridiculous

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