Circle Your Calendars: CFL releases 2021 schedule

Always has to be one

There used to be sunday game all the was part of Mtl's lease that they play on sunday after labour day

Nope...get rid of friday double headers.
Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday

There might be some pushback from the NFLPA in regards to Thursday Night Football.

The CFLPA should take notes.

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How about one Friday and Sunday game and Saturday Doubleheaders.

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How about no! :grinning:

If only the NFLPA called the shots

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The August long weekend is not in every province. Quebec, for one, doesn't have the August Monday, they take June 24th instead.
Having Sunday games would interfere with TSN/CTVs NFL coverage.
Keep the CFL on Friday and Saturdays. The playoffs should be switched to Saturdays. But keep the GC on Sunday

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Three things hurt them the most IMO

  1. Nickle and Dime everything.
  2. Excessive player movement.
  3. Lack of transparency

If Ottawa is bad this year it gives Montreal an unfair advantage over everyone else because of the four matchups. Also if other teams are playing Ottawa in the west then it gives them an extra two point cushion over Winnipeg. Hopefully the Blue Bombers don't miss the playoffs by two points.

Why you single out Ottawa? Everyone figured Montreal was the easy mark in 2019. Unbalanced schedules like this will advantage some teams over others but you can not predict what team this will be.

I think OTT will be much improved under Coach Lapo combined with a healthy and motivated QB Matt Nichols

I agree that the Redblacks will be better than 2019, but I also think that they still are the weakest team of the league. Matt Nichols won't have the special team to bring him to the 50 yards line and won't have a Andrew Harris to crush the DL.

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.Great in the Summer but not in the fall .

Then they wonder why they have problems with attendance .

Ah man you're no fun :laughing::grinning:

Attendance usually goes up in the fall.

Summertime is a hit and miss. All stadiums should be full during the summer months if that's the case.

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Only because the Als couldn't get the university stadium on Saturdays. Now they have an agreement for some Saturday evening games

Yeah but the point is that playing on Sunday in not something new...and they had Sunday Double Headers as well.

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They don't play on Thursday , Weds and Tuesday in the Fall this is an exception this year .

Why would you play a night game when it's colder .

They are not using the season of football and watching outdoors to their advantage .

People who want to go live on afternoon in the fall versus a night game .

If you look back on attendance in 70's etc .... The Sunday games were well attended .

Plenty of evidence the Sunday afternoon games are good for live attendance that's why the GC and playoffs are scheduled to reflect that this is just TSN wagging the dog again and again .

No reason for double headers and not using a a perfectly good day for football Sunday .

I hope TSN is compensating them appropriately this year .

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I would say evenings during the Summer months and September.

October and November should be during the afternoons.

Unless all stadiums are domed and indoors.