Circle Your Calendars: CFL releases 2021 schedule

TORONTO — The 2021 Canadian Football League schedule kicks off Thursday, August 5th when the reigning Grey Cup Champion Winnipeg Blue Bombers host the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in an epic rematch 620 days in the making.

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Ticats bye weeks at week 3 and week 11 :+1:
Whats with the Wed. Sept 22 game in week 8?? :thinking:

Argos are listed as home games Aug 21 vs. Winnipeg and Aug 26 vs. Edmonton. Apparently those will be at BMO so no 'home' games abroad looking at a quick glance.

Wow !!! We get the Argos not only as our home opener on Labour Day but 4 times total . Also with the backloading of home games we get 5 of the last 7 at THF . :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :+1: :muscle:

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We don't play a game in CGY this year
I consider that a huge break!!!! :rofl: :tiger: :football:

I will check it in detail later but the two most important things in my eyes are checked : thanksgiving games and playoffs on Sundays.

Also no left coast 11:00 o'clock kick-off EST trip to B.C. :grinning:

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I will be rejoicing when I hear the words "The CFL season is under way!" I miss my CFL football, it might even bring a tear to my crusty old eye.

There are 2 Wednesday games and 1 Tuesday game on the CFL schedule.

Somebody has to be the free space on the bingo card in any given year. If that is the Redblacks again, then Montreal would benefit as they play them 4 times this season.

14 game season, Montreal plays Ottawa 4/14 games.

14 game season, HAM plays TOR 4/14 games
There are some $$$$$$ savings on hotels and travel

AS per usual....schedule sucks


Winnipeg doesn't play Ottawa at all.

Dan Barnes pointed out the odd Redblacks schedule where they play on 3 consecutive non-standard days before reaching Thanksgiving Monday.

HAM at OTT - Wednesday September 22
EDM at OTT - Tuesday September 28
OTT at TOR - Wednesday October 6
OTT at MTL - Monday October 11

The Thanksgiving Day Doubleheader is back!

I'm glad to see the Als hosting one game.

I will reactivate my ESPN+ subscription for this season.

We spanked regina 2x in 2019 and now 3x in 2021

at first glance this seeems really stupid, and in any other season, would be. However, I be one to cut them some slack because of the, hopefully, uniqueness of the situation.

Surrendering a perfect fall Sunday afternoon to a league in the USA is why the CFL continues to lose it's credibility to possible new fans in Canada .

There's just not enough teams in the CFL to warrant any Sunday games except for the playoffs and Grey Cup.

Having said that there should not be any games scheduled on Thursdays.

Fridays and Saturdays are good with the odd Sunday if needed.

I am surprised they don't schedule any games during the August long weekend Monday.

i love thur games