Cinnamin Bench?

I 've continuously noticed part owner D.Cinnamin on the Blue teams bench during TSN telecasts.

In Hamilton he was right down at the dugout talking to A.Bruce after his Spiderman show.
Last game he was seen in the bench area when Joseph was pulled from the game ,there he was looking over at Don Mathews ,it was kind of funny,the Don was starring straight ahead and Cinnamon is looking over at him observing his actions or whatever he does down there............

Is this meddling by an owner or is he a superfan/owner or is he an assistant coach???

Me thinks

Very successful guy who is not use to having zero control of a situation. But what do you do when you've got a 1/4" killer...

Him and Bob Young should do a CFL commercial together like the PC vs Mac thing.

Hello Blue

What's up Gold?

"I have a new line of scented candles" for people who come to the game"

Blue: "Really our season tickets come with gas masks"

Might be a fun thing for TSN to put together for the next game between the Ticat and Argos.


Funny !!!!!


Scented candle?

I don't know who I hated looking at more on Labour Day: Cinnabon with his day-glow veneers and too-tight shirt pretending he was an assistant coach, or Pinball in his pimp suit with white runners telling Stubler what to do in front of all the Argo players.

Gas Masks and the kissing bandit in the locker room. Wow talk about unconfratable or what.

Hate and Pinball don't go well together.

Hard to dislike that guy.

Yeah I kept laughing at Cyanamon's Hair piece and waxed eyebrows. Came to the conclusion that if you remove the Korean's donors hair he looks like Rudy Guliani.

CEO, White sneakers and a wool suit don't go well together much either.

But it is representative of the Argos as an organisation...Not fashionable, confused, mixed and disjointed.

I really find an owner on the sidelines is a meddling owner ,how long before Mathews gets tired of this?

He’s an owner who is exercising his perogative as the guy who signs the cheques. Players probably could care less. I’m sure it toasts Matthews’ nuts though.

An Argo-Cat fan

Hate and Pinball don't go well together.

Hard to dislike that guy

Its seems to be getting easier in argo land. Pinball is leaving a long list of bodies in his wake. Steinhauer, Prefontaine, bishop...just to name a few who had less than positive things to say about the pin and how he deals with things.