Cinderella Story....2009 Cats

Some still don't believe.....some others steps.
This for real.
Look-out CFL...after 5 long years, the Cats are back. :thup:
The football gods....are smiling on the Cats. And for the first time, in a long time...the fans have something to cheer for.
And the real scary thing, for the rest of the teams in the CFL, is that each week...the Cats get " just a little bit better."
Should this continue....and I believe it will, by the time the play-offs roll around, our Cats, should be in a great position at not only at making a play-off spot...but, like they say " anything can happen."

Baby thanks.

Next on the hit list....Edmonton.


I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch, but it is nice NOT to be in the basement at this point in the season. I do have to give credit to O'Billovich and the scounting team for some the guys we've brought in. I said that if we were better, I'd give credit where credit was due and now I have. :wink:

One thing that I think we can all agree on...borehamgirl.
It sure is refreashing....being a Cat fan, so far, in 2009. :thup:



Well, as long as it's not the hair metal band Cinderella...

:D :D :D

We might equate the Cats as the belle whose beau has located the shoe store after Googling "glass slipper cobblers." It's going to take a while to drive the Camaro, navigate through the fuzzy dice, and find a parking spot. LOL

We've got THIRTEEN more games. I'm old school: that's week one done in how I'm wired for CFL seasons! LMAO A longggggggggg way to go. Barring key injuries that affect our competiveness, I think getting to the November ball is highly possible.

Oski Wee Wee,

And when I say the ball, it's at least two dances to become...queen of the ball following the Cinderella analogy...


Oski Wee Victor/Victoria.

Will BG be the only one with the class to do that?

Where are all the moaners and groaners who dismissed Obie, MB, Mitchell etc. during the off season and especially after Week One # 1?

Ran out of things to complain about ?