Cigarette smoking at CFL games?

I don't remember asking this here, so here it goes....

Is smoking cigarettes permitted in the stands during a game?

I had a bad experience in Richmond, Virginia many years ago at a Richmond Spiders football game (smoker's rights capital of the world). Curious to know what the deal is in Canada.

It hasn’t been permitted for a long time in Winnipeg, probably about 15 years or maybe more. It is not permitted in any other stadium in Canada but I can’t tell you when it was banned in other stadiums. At present and since the ‘70’s for sure you can smell pot being smoked in Winnipeg but not in the stands, just in the designated smoking areas.

You absolutely cannot in Calgary and haven't been able to for probably 15 years at least. I would be surprised if the policy was any different in any other stadium

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Not permitted in Hamilton anywhere in the stadium. Before COVID, you could use the in and out privilege if you really needed a smoke. You can't even do that now.

works for me

No smoking in BC Place since it opened in 1983. For a while a few years ago they used to have a smoke pit where you could exit the building into a cordoned off area and smoke outside but they ended that for some reason.

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You can't leave for a smoke at Mosaic. I know many who stay away from the park because of that.

their loss. must suck to be so controlled by something like the need to smoke.

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First started smoking at 15 years old, 37 cents a pack
Finally quit in 1989, still haven't lost those 15lbs, but so glad I made it! :+1:

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Why? If you don't smoke, what's it to you?

Same question!
What does it change in your life if someone is allowed out to have a smoke!
What about their rights?
And its not their loss, its the team's loss

Some people can't go 3+ hours without a smoke

Yes they can

all this talk about smoking has me ready to take a trip to flavor country

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Do you smoke?

Quit 30 years ago

Ok so your opinion is valid

I wonder. :thinking:
Anti vaxers that smoke and say they won't vax because they don't know the long term affects it has on their body,
yet they know the long term affects of smoking are proven terrible but have no problem with smoking

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I'm for free choice.

Same with fast food. I don't think we should force the obese to provide their bmi to the person behind the til in order to be able to dine at a restaurant

I'm sure technically speaking the could but why would they? Watch it at home for free and smoke as much as you want


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