Ciao Boys...

SO long Kavis, Deke and Jerome...

thats right, the troubled trio of ticat teachers (you're welcome ken peters) have been let go by the tabbies today so sayeth the Toronto Sun.

No news on the official team site yet, but my guess is that admin is busy trying to break Crash's record on the "Upright Challenge"

Heres the link:

[url=] ... 7-sun.html[/url]

Marcel seems to be cleaning house early and sending a definite message that 2007 will be an entirely different season.

Good news for Dennis McPhee though, looks like he'll probably be offered an interview once the new Head Coach is hired.

Can't say that Erdman or Reed will get the same courtesy, but who knows.

good luck... but not against us!

Huh? .... and where would you get this idea, from this article?

My bad, i misread this sentence. Only caught the McPhee part of it.

Should this news be on this site or are they waiting for some formal press release before posting it. So far it seems very weak for this site not to mention the releaseing of be continued.....

I share your sentiments about Deke McPhee, Espo.

I wish Kavis and Jerome all the best in their future endeavours. Having had the opportunity to meet Kavis on one occasion, I enjoyed the event and found him to be a great guy. It's a shame things didn't work out here re performance on the field, but that's football.

Oski Wee Wee,

If these guys are given interviews, they will just be courtesy interviews. None of them deserve to be employed in Hamilton with the Ticats next year. Time to bring in some fresh blood. These guys had their chance and blew it.

No news on the official team site yet, but my guess is that admin is busy trying to break Crash's record on the "Upright Challenge"
Good Freakin luck with that one...

A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.

You spoke too soon, Crash.

Perhaps I'm out of line here, but I think that news like this should be posted in before it goes to the media.

The people posting on this site are the team's greatest fans and deserve this courtesy.

In future, I would suggest that breaking news like this be posted here at least an hour before it hits the rest of the media,

In terms of the media, Hamilton's own media should get all Ticat news before any outside media.

Strictly my opinion, but this would be a nice way for the team to pay some respect to it's REAL FANS.

Espo, I have always suspected that you are illiterate.....You just confirmed my suspicions. I'm guessing that English is not you first language. thanks for your football fiction............


now what pray tell might have given you that impression about good ol' espo?

what might this football fiction be?


next time you wanna come on here and be a jackass think twice before you hit send.

Don't drink and post folks....

This, ladies & gentlemen, is the reason I continue to return to

Seriously, too funny.

When you're on top they're all gunning for you :slight_smile:

Take another look :wink:

I'm truly at a loss as to the original post from Espo on this thread. If this story was made up, I'd like to see the writer dumped from the site.

I can tolerate it when folks make honest mistakes in their posts or assessments, but when they come on here and blatently lie, the mods need to be alert to this and ban them from the site.

I'm not suggesting that Espo lied because I really don't know, but I think people need to be aware that stories, if made up, will not be tolerated here. They're a waste of everyone's time and cause bewilderment, anger, resentment, and strings of inuendos that don't belong here.

what are you talking about? he provided an link to the article.

Rocky 123, I could not agree more with you more. My sentiments exactly.

Hey Jerkfaceloser, please read the title of this thread. The title of this thread is pure fabrication. Thank you for pointing out that a link was provided, obviously.

how was it a fabrication?

do you even understand the words you're using?

All i did was read an article in the Sun, posted a link and provided my own commentary on the matter.

are we not allowed to post links on anymore?

maasthefinger, i pm'd you a few days ago when you made your first post in this thread. you still haven't responded. i have no idea what your problem is, but i'm thinkin you're just a jackass who is too lazy to click on a link to a 'reputable' newspaper (well... its the sun, so semi-reputable)

I'm still quite curious as to what your problem is, whether its with me or my post. feel free to let me know.

Do you even know the meaning of fabrication?

Just in case, I should let you know that it has nothing to do with the use of fabric softener.

Forgive me if it appeared that I was accusatory to you for lying. I know that isn't your usual way and I don't blame you for putting up the post as you understood it.

It does strike me as very strange, however, that I've read and heard nothing about this news anywhere else, namely the Hamilton media.

It would be interesting to know where the Toronto paper got their information. They do like to sensationalize!

I still maintain, however, that if people on this site make things up (that's right - FABRICATE serious issues), they should be kicked the hell out of here.