Chunky Adams released... Why?

I don't think I like this move.

yeah, they had him interviewed quick on CKRM a couple hours ago at the gym. When Tanam found out that Chunky was heading the Florida(?) tomorrow for a pre-training camp workout until May 1, he got in touch with him for a face to face. Chunky was obviously disappointed, but was grateful for the face to face instead of a call, because it showed the respect the club has for him.

Chunky has always been borderline on being cut going into training camp. He has always been pegged as a cut. He has a great personality, is dedicated, and is the pinnacle of "team first" mentality, so it is hard to watch him go. He has also moved his family...Regina is home. He mentioned it would be hard to go to Rider games and hear the roar without being on the field, so it sounds like he is not planning on going anywhere unless a good opportunity arises.

I figure it is probably just making room for some of the young guys. He is going to be 32 this July, and seeing as he has perpetually on the fence, they probably have a prospect they want to dress. It is just hard because Marcus has been a fan favorite. It is also too bad because Hall is coming back, and he had his best years while playing for Hall.

I wish him the best, and I do find it odd that they did not bring him to training camp to create more competition, but I suppose there is a little more respect shown this way because it gives him a better chance of making it on with another club. I could see him in Edmonton.

i sure hope not!!

I like Adams, he has always been an open book with the media, a team player and has a great attitude. He seems like a genuinely great person. I hope he does make it on somewhere, even Edmonton. Also, you make it sound like we lost our best defensive player here. I think he is a solid, reliable player, but he averaged 2 tackles and 0.2 sacks per game in his career. The worst thing about loosing him is that his game seemed o elevate in the playoffs.

Whether we like the move or not, releases are due to two things ....age and money. One day it will be us too!!

Arash Madani from Sportsnet just tweeted that the Riders are close to signing Dario Romero to a two-year deal.

With Dario Romero signing, I can see why Chunky was released.

you're going to be released? from the forum??? :wink:

Only if you pay me...LOL!!

i called this somewhere in these forums