Chuck SWIRSKY's comments about Bob YOUNG!!

I love Chuck SWIRSKY, read his blog all the time... but Chuck...dont bash us .. big mistake! Check it out..

What part mentions Bob?

Not sure how going to American dimensions and a fourth down will get more Canadians playing the game. Don't choke on the salami and cheese Chuck!

Maybe this will it slowly...ready....
"Why Bob Young keeps investing his hard-earned millions in a losing program I'll never know."

As opposed to the dynasty that is the Toronto Raptors. :roll:

I think Chuck should stick to something he knows a little bit about, basketball.

"Not knocking the history and uniqueness of the CFL, but the league should really add a fourth down, shorten and narrow the field to allow more Canadian players to play at the professional level."

This guy is a should stick to basketball

I just sent him this Email:
Dear Sir,
Here is a Quote from your blog:
“Not knocking the history and uniqueness of the CFL, but the league should really add a
Fourth down, shorten and narrow the field to allow more Canadian players to play at the professional level.?

I am also Ticats fan and Feel your out of line.
The CFL has a great game
it is fast and better then boring NFL Brand...
You want to make us the NFL North I say no.

The Ticats will turn it around with time.
The CFL is great league
We are lucky to have something so wonderfully Canadian.
Please stick to basketball please.

Tom Riddell

Oh my I need to get my glasses changed I thought at first his name was Chuck Swirley . On second thought Hmmmmmmmm .

Now Chuck is a very fair man. He does not take any pleasure in slagging anybody and is very professional. If he objectively feels that Bob is investing in a program that is a losing one at this time, then maybe he is. The only reason he's even commenting on the Cats is because the losing has gotten his attention.

Hey Chucky's Back,

I think basketball should switch to an oblong ball so it makes it more difficult for the players to dribble and get a basket. How's that suggestion sound? What did you say, about the same as telling us what we should do with Canada's game? Ah, ok, fair enough Chucky. 8)

When you hire American broadcasters for Canadian radio, this is what you get. :roll:

Actually, I'm starting to side with Chuck myself.

I love Chuck, but when it comes to the CFL I don't think he gets it. No big deal.

Swirsky is one of the guys at the FAN590 that bug me. I'd bet he's never been to a CFL game even though his employer owns the Argos broadcast rights. Or done any homework on the teams, the league or anything else CFL related. It seems to me that guys like Swirsky should have to make themselves knowledgeable about the CFL as part of their job so they can talk about something more than Damon Allen. For example, can he even name 1 lineman on any team?

An Argo-Cat fan


I love sarcasm

This isn't worth worrying about. Swirsky only likes the sound of his voice and knows nothing.

And why is Bob The Caretaker sinking his money into this losing mess???

Because the Die Hard Fans are actually paying for it in more ways than one!!!

i'm with Chuck on this one.

The Swirsk, despite being a genuinely good person, hosts the show on the FAN oriented towards nothing other than the pure emotions of being a fan.

The morning show is comedy. Hogan's Bullpen delves into the inner workings of sport itself. Hockey Central is self-explanatory. Chuck Swirsky is simply a call in show about the most superficial and pointless topics that casual fans can get into. Primetime Sports concentrates more on the business of sport.

Swirsky says some outlandish things from time to time. I doubt as if he truly understands the football scene in Canada.