Chuck Ealey story

I am really looking forward to the story that will be shown on Chuck Ealey after the game.

It’s stories like his that really make me proud of our country. If you can play… You CAN play. Skin colour? What about it? Black, White, yellow, green, brown, purple, salmon…whatever. The only colour(s) that matter are Black and Gold!

Me too. A great story about a great player getting respect in our great league.

My only concern is what happens if tonight's game runs long. Will TSN delay the start of the program, or simply join it in progress? I can't see them doing the latter, but you never know.

Well if it's like the 'Riders one it'll be replayed a few times.

I am not sure why they are doing a doc on Chuck Ealey.

2 or 3 years ago PBS did one on Chuck and it was fantastic.

I think it was great. Just wish they spent more than 15 minutes talking about his time in the CFL. I think the pace was too slow for what the director wanted to cover. It was very artistic but how many times did we need to see the kid throwing rocks... I got it after the first couple times...

That was great. Allowed me to forget tonight's debacle for an hour.

Did they mention the new book, The Stone Thrower, written by his daughter, Jael Ealey Richardson?

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Yes she was a large part of the documentary and was the main contact for the young director.

The best part of Friday night was definitely retreating from Ivor Wynne (a bit early, which I never do) and going back to the hotel to watch the Chuck Ealey feature from the whirlpool in our suite.
I very much enjoyed The Stone Thrower. It brought back a lot of great 70's memories on a night when nostalgia about the Ticats was very much needed, indeed. I highly recommend this for any fan of the CFL.

Just watched it myself on PVR from Friday night. What a fantastic story. I really, really enjoyed it.

A conversation I like having with friends, etc is started with the question; "What 3 athletes, current or retired, would you most like to sit down and have a coffee or drink with for a few hours?" My answer in the past has usually been; Jim Brown, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul Jabar.

After watching "The Stonethrower", I'm amending my list to include Chuck Ealey.

What a absolutely incredible & wonderful story. That line; "American by birth. Canadian by choice." Absolutely perfect!

I must say I enjoyed it as well. The statement I heard that is brutal is that even after all these years he is not in the college football hall of fame. 35-0 as a starter. Ridiculous that he is not in that hall of fame for sure.

I watched it...sure brought back lots of memories.
To be such a star QB at Toledo and then not have one NFL team show any interest in him must have been very tough for Chuck Ealey to take. He still has not been admitted to the US College Football Hall of Fame for setting a 35 game unbeaten streak when he was at Toledo. The record still stands.
Our gain though. He was one heck of a CFL QB and we were lucky to have him in Hamilton for a couple of years. He QB'd us to the 1972 Grey Cup.
It was also good to see that he and his family stayed in Canada after he retired from football.

Chuck Ealey is a great guy and although he is noted for being the first black, American rookie quarterback
to play in a Grey Cup game, I would give similar praise to guys like Bernie Custis who also came in as a black
QB and probably played the game as well as Chuck Ealey in a different era.

Not to take anything away from Ealey, he was a fantastic player and gentleman. I can base this statement
on a personal basis, having met him more than once. The same was (is) true of Custis and several other QBs
who have made it big in the Canadian game. Warren Moon comes to mind.

Great storyline ... I also enjoyed viewing the rare footage from the 1972 season which was a huge year for the Tiger Cats!

The website doesn't seem to load properly.

I believe we all need to reignite this campaign & get Mr. Ealey in his proper place ... The college football hall of fame.

I will do the first part and touch base with his daughter & get the ball rolling.

here it is...

[url=] ... ZoY7UrExGQ[/url]

I liked the program as well, but a more "polished and balanced" documentary is now "in the can" and waiting for release.

"The Gridiron Underground"

At this writing there is also a documentary being produced based on the life of Cookie Gilchrist.

They will certainly be worth the wait. :thup:

Watching tbis now on PVR. Great piece of journalism. :thup: :thup: :thdn:

Watching this is sending chills down my spine and makes me proud to be a CFL fan.

Same here Earl. I was 16 years old at the time watching the 1972 Cup vs Sask. classic game in Hamilton [Chuck Ealey]; some say Defense doesn't win Championships, but it did in that year as 19 year old Ian Sunter put it thru with a 34 yarder to win it [the only points scored in the second half].
Edit: 1965 Hamilton D ranks right up there as well.