Chuck Ealey Interview

No it wasn't . You are Dr. No . Your comments are usually negative . The Spec is a little local paper , sadly, but hey let's attack their reputation . It must be difficult being you . :roll_eyes:


If I ever wanted to make a serious comment about the Spec as a whole (and not just the near non existent ticat beat ) there would be no mistaking the difference between real and joke. Trust me on this.

Pettersen can’t really be compared with bigger tight end types like Gabriel or DiPietro. As a smaller slotback or wide receiver he did fairly well but wasn’t really made to take a 5 yard slant and get drilled by a linebacker.

Team also had Gord Patterson later on who I thought was really good. Also had Terry Evanshen in the mid-70 s if I go back in the the recesses of my brain so I don’t think it was a total wasteland for Canadian receivers. Brock Aynsley was here for maybe a year and was ok. But certainly nobody to measure up to Gabriel. The last true tight end I remember after Skolrood was Craig Labett.

Anyone remember Slade Willis

Name was familiar, had to go look him up. He only played for us in ‘76

Gordie Patterson was decent but his biggest contribution may have come when being punched by Green Rider Bobby Hosea. It likely started Bobby’s career in Hollywood as a bad ass…including portraying the likes of O.J. Simpson and the Washington D.C Sniper Killer

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After that incident they installed that little canopy in the East endzone where the visiting team came out at Ivor Wynne. The Riders were getting pelted with all kinds of stuff. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It was a helluva punch

Re: Bobby Hosea vs. Gordie Paterson

The most memorable episode of his career came in a 30-26 loss against Hamilton on Oct. 4, 1981 at Taylor Field in Regina. The Roughriders were in the hunt for a playoff spot, after years of futility. With three minutes and seven seconds left and Hamilton leading 23-12, Saskatchewan stopped the Tiger Cats short on a key second down play. Hosea got into a shoving match with Tiger Cat slotback Gordie Paterson then punched him. He was flagged for rough play and ejected from the game. The penalty gave Hamilton a first down. They would proceed to go down the field and score a touchdown that turned out to be the winning points. The incident marred a solid game for Hosea where he intercepted a Tom Clements pass. To his credit, after the game Hosea apologized to Bud Riley, Hamilton’s defensive coach.

The next day CFL Comissioner Jake Gaudaur fined Hosea $300, but chose not to suspend him because he had no previous record of bad conduct.


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Ya , but if you ask Prider fans, that incident doesn't even compare to Simoni Lawrence attacking Zach Collaros. Worst incident in CFL history, just ask them.