Chuck Ealey Interview

CBC's radio show "As It Happens" - in honour of Grey Cup week (!), replayed an interview that they did earlier with Chuck Ealey and his daughter about his life, how he developed in football, his career, and his decision to remain in Canada . It was quite good. And kudos to the CBC to actually recognize the CFL on a number of stories this week.


Thanks, Mark, for reminding us about this great Tiger Cat. After reading this, I found a 2021 article put out by non-other than the Argo website(!) with more details about his life.

Chuck Ealey Reflects on Change - Toronto Argonauts

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I remember Chuck Ealey coming to the Bombers when I was a teenager. We had to swap Don Jonas to get him since the guy on the bench (Ralph Brock) wasn't ready for prime time. It's always great to rehash this stuff.

Thanks Mark!

Ealey was informed of the trade not by the team but by a knock on the door by the Spec. Maybe the last time Spec was ahead of a story . 49 years ago.

Jonas lasted 9 games in Hamilton . We should have asked for Brock . Apparently he was pretty good . 9 years later we got Brock but lost some guy named Clements in the trade .
It was always a case of checking your spectacles , testicles , watch , and wallet when dealing with the Bombers . The worst trade had to be Ken Neilson Cdn. Receiver for Cloyd Webb Amer. TE . Webb lasted one year while Neilson played for the Peg for 6 years as an all Canadian . * not Jake Gaudaur's finest trade .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


TSN did an Engraved On The Nation feature on Ealey called The Stone Thrower. It’s available on YouTube if you haven’t seen it. And you should see it!


Friends and I often discuss the worst trade in our Tiger Cats lifetime. For us it’s Neil Lumsden to Edmonton for their third string QB Bruce Lemmerman. If memory serves he suited up for us a handful of games…retired…and went back to Edmonton as an Assistant Coach. Neil won a cup or three on his way to the HOF

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Losing Tony Gabriel after the 1974 season to Ottawa because he dared suggest players should receive more money after two games had been added to the schedule hurts to this day.


1978 . Mike Samples for a washed up George Wells. Samples played 5 more years at a high level Wells played half the year and retired. HAM's solid defence that emerged later on could have been even better.

Took franchise years to replace production from cdn rec spot. Lief Peterson (sort of) then finally Dipeitro and even that took time. Stubborn management decision with long term consequences.

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Strange. That was the last year I worked for them.:grin:

That was very well done. If I recall Brian Williams was involved in making that series.

Two words....


Peterson played from 1978 till 1981 with the Cats . . Rocky played from 1978 till 1991 with the Cats . They were contemporaries but certainly not comparable . Leif didn't like contact . Rocky looked for contact . Rocky was a Tiger-Cat . Leif was a green rider .

Really ?? Hamilton Spectator journalists have captured four awards at the 2020 Ontario Newspaper Awards. Six Spec writers were also named runners-up in five categories at the annual awards, which were announced April 16 and honour journalists from dozens of newspapers across the province.Apr 16, 2021


It was hyperbole and a joke. Relax.

You didn't like Peterson, we get it. Wasnt a comparison anyway. Point was team taking years trying to fill Gabriel void.

You didn’t like Lawrie Skolrood?

We all did. But one would never have described his contribution as filling the void .
Edit : Over 600 yds in rec. in 1978. Nothing to sneeze at.

Leif Pettersen.

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