Chuck Ealey - forever snubbed


George Bork QB Northern Illinois is in the hall . Jeff Bentrim QB North Dakota St. is in the hall . Dave Dickenson QB Montana , Randy Duncan QB Iowa , Doug Flutie QB Boston Coll. , Arnold Galiffa QB Army , Tracy Ham QB Georgia South. , Joe Kapp QB Cal. ,Don McPherson QB. Syracuse , Babe Parilli QB. Kentucky , Jackie Parker QB Miss. St. , Bill Redell QB. Occidental , John Sciarra QB. UCLA , Sandy Stephens QB Minn . , Joe Theismann QB Notre Dame , Don Trull QB Baylor , Andre Ware QB Houston , and Vince Young QB Texas are in the hall .

I may have missed a few but these QBs all have one thing in common . So Chuck Ealey , who never lost a college game in 4 years , doesn't belong on this list of hall of fame QBs ???

This is a joke !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


Coors/Molson(a Canadian beer subsidiary) Brewery has started a campaign to get former Oakland Raider coach, Tom Flores in Canton. Maybe a local brewery in Southern Ontario should do the same to bring awareness to the omittance

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I don't know how they could have any influence with the NCAA College Football Hall of Fame. :cry:

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On the bright side. Being snubbed by US sports resulted in him moving to Canada raising a family and having a successful business career. Good for him and for us


I thought it was the Canadian Football of Fame in Hamilton. I misunderstood the comment. Anyway,the commercial ad infers that Tom Flors isn't in the Pro Football Hall of Fame at Canton. I think it is a virial/online petition. If millions sign on, the HOF selection committee can't ignore the numbers. Beside Flores will get in regardless of the ad campaign.

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On Feb 7 , 2021 Tom Flores will be welcomed into the Football Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio . The ad campaign is highlighted by the acronym NFL - Not For Latinos !
He has 3 Super Bowl rings , one as an assistant and 2 as head coach .

Pat Lynch (never a Raider fan)

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Lost all respect for that franchise for all the constant moving and shaking down cities for a new stadium

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Oakland screwed the Raiders twice by refusing to upgrade or rebuild the Oakland Coliseum, which is by far the worst stadium in the NFL. The sight lines were bad, the field was really far away and the neighborhood was crummy and dangerous. The new stadiums in Sask and Winnipeg are far better facilities. I'm a longtime Raiders/CFL fan who spent many afternoons at the Coliseum who stopped going because I didn't feel I was getting much value for my money. Sucks they're
gone, but I know why.

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Al Davis could've built his own stadium like Robert Kraft did. The late Davis would've gotten value out a new stadium if he built one sooner, especially when he came back to Oakland the second time.

I'm sorry that you lost your team. It's too bad owners get greedy and take advantage of local taxpayers holding it's team hostage over the love of their teams

Welcome to the forum, jomaxx

Pat, my son. Forget crazy Al Davis. Jim Plunkett, Marcus Allen, Fred “Stickum” Biletnikof, Howie Long. How could anyone not still, deep down, have warm spot for those Oakland Raiders?

Pete Banaczak, Ted Hendricks, Dave Casper, Otis Sistrunk, Ken Stabler, John Matuszak, Lyle Alzado, John Madden. Quite the characters on that franchise


Of them all, only Madden and Long seem to have done the best post-football. Alzedo's story is a particularly sad one. His steroid use is the thing that eventually killed him.
Funny story - my half-brother was friends with Damon Allen's daughter in school. My dad met her, and said "I'm a HUGE fan of..." and she got that exasperated look on her face whenever someone mentions her dad, when my father continued with " your uncle!" Apparently her grin outdid Pinballs...
I grew up both a Raiders and a Packers fan. Can't stand NE or the Bills (thanks to regional coverage, we pretty much ONLY saw Bills games on TV). It also helps that I share a name with two Packers players... lol


Fred Biletnikof’s post player career was probably affected like King Midas. Only in Freddy’s case all that Stickum would have had him sticking to everything and everyone he touched😉

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I see the 2012 Chuck Ealey biographical film "Stone Thrower" is airing again on TV this evening (Sat. Feb. 6). I enjoyed it, back then, and believe his daughter was the force behind the production.
CTV - 10 clock

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Thanks very much OC. Will set the PVR as tonight is pizza night and I have a tendency to nod off around 9:00 due to a full stomach.

I emailed the following to the College Football Hall of Fame on Sunday, January 24th, 2021.

Hello Mr. Ron Dilatush,

My name is Dino Sepe. I’m writing to you for consideration for a future inductee for the College Football Hall of Fame. I’m selecting Mr. Chuck Ealey for induction for the College Football Hall of Fame.

I read an article on Saturday, January 16th, 2021, from the Hamilton Spectator about Mr. Chuck Ealey on still not being inducted in the College Football Hall of Fame. The article can be seen here:

When you look at Consideration Section what I noticed on the College Football Hall of Fame, Mr. Chuck Ealey does qualify for at least 3 of those points listed as I placed in bold:

The criteria for Hall of Fame consideration include:

First and foremost, a player must have received First-Team All-America recognition by a selector that is recognized by the NCAA and utilized to comprise its consensus All-America teams.

A player becomes eligible for consideration by the Foundation's Honors Courts 10 full seasons after his final year of intercollegiate football played.

While each nominee's football achievements in college are of prime consideration, his post-football record as a citizen is also weighed. He must have proven himself worthy as a citizen, carrying the ideals of football forward into his relations with his community. Consideration may also be given for academic honors and whether the candidate earned a college degree.

Players must have played their last year of intercollegiate football within the last 50 years. * For example, to be eligible for the 2021 ballot, the player must have played his last year in 1971 or thereafter. In addition, players who are playing professionally and coaches who are coaching on the professional level are not eligible until after they retire.

A coach becomes eligible three full seasons after retirement or immediately following retirement provided, he is at least 70 years of age. Active coaches become eligible at 75 years of age. He must have been a head football coach for a minimum of 10 years and coached at least 100 games with a .600 winning percentage.

Nominations may only be submitted by the current athletics director, head coach or sports information director (SID) of a potential candidate's collegiate institution. Nominations may also be submitted by the president/executive director of a dues-paying chapter of the National Football Foundation.
*Players who do not comply with the 50-year rule may still be eligible for consideration by the Football Bowl Subdivision and Divisional Veterans Committees. Veterans Committee candidates must still meet First Team All-America requirement.

Once nominated for consideration, all FBS player candidates are submitted to one of eight District Screening Committees, depending on their school's geographic location, which conducts a vote to determine who will appear on the ballot and represent their respective districts. Each year, approximately 15 candidates, who are not selected for the Hall of Fame but received significant votes in the final selection, will be named automatic holdovers and will bypass the district screening process and automatically appear on the ballot the following year. Additionally, the Veterans Committee may make recommendations to the Honors Court for exceptions that allow for the induction of players who played more than 50 years ago. The Honors Court annually reviews the Hall of Fame criteria to ensure a fair and streamlined process.

Of the 5.4 million individuals who have played college football since Princeton first battled Rutgers on Nov. 6, 1869, only 1,027 players have earned induction into the College Football Hall of Fame, or less than two one-hundredths of a percent (.02%) of those who have played the game during the past 150 years. From the coaching ranks, 221 individuals have achieved Hall of Fame distinction.

The 2021 voting deadline is July 7. If you would like to become a member and receive this year's ballot, please contact NFF Director of Membership Ron Dilatush at

  1. Mr. Chuck Ealey completed his Degree during his 4 year stay at the University of Toledo.

  2. Mr. Chuck Ealey lead from 1969 – 1971, a 35 – 0 record for the University of Toledo. He guided Toledo to a Tangerine Bowl victory in 1970.

  3. Being bypassed in the NFL Draft, Mr. Chuck Ealey came up here in Canada to play for the Hamilton Tiger – Cats where he helped the Tiger – Cats to a Grey Cup victory in 1972 in his rookie season.

  4. Mr. Ealey had a pretty good football career in which he was the Mid-American Conference Player of the Year in 1969, 1970, and 1971. This was followed up in 1972 with a Grey Cup, along with a CFL Most Outstanding Rookie.

  5. After football, Mr. Chuck Ealey has been successful till this day in which he currently is a Regional Director for Investors Group located in Mississauga, Ontario just west of Toronto.

Mr. Ron Dilatush, I know the Inductees for 2021 was already decided and that’s fine. Looking at the 50-year time lapse after Mr. Chuck Ealey’s last game, it is going to be more difficult for him to be Inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. I also realize that the College Football Hall of Fame receives thousands upon thousands of ballots for future inductees. Let’s hope that for 2022, Mr. Chuck Ealey will be part of the 2022 College Football Hall of Fame Class.



Dino I would like to thank you for this effort from the bottom of my heart. I truly hope this comes to fruition as Chuck Ealey was both a wonderful college player but also has been a success in his life after football and truly deserves this honour.



No worries bro. I maybe an Argonauts fan and hate Hamilton with a passion; but there will always be a respect level amongst us. Rivalries are great. The respect level will always be there for one another.

This goes beyond football. This is about what is right. It's the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, he might not get in now due to the 50 year time laps which obviously sucks.

Here is a photo of Mr. Chuck Ealey and myself at the Grey Cup Breakfast in 1989. It was taken at the Constellation Hotel in Toronto when the hotel did exist. It's been torn down now for about 15 years or so. I was 13 years old.