Christmas Trade

It's Christmas, everyone has been drinking the nog, and were all looking forward to ripping open that new jersey. A humorous scenario would be trading Timmy Chang away for a 6th round draft pick and bringing in Jesse Palmer to be the 3rd. It makes everyone happy, since Timmy would get a shot somewhere else and we would have a Canadian QB on the roster. Not to mention a 6th round draft pick to boot!

Do you post, just for the sake of posting?

NOWAY!Chang is the future of the cfl!

To think I actually opened AND read this.

4 seconds of my life...gone.

My computer is actually quite slow today so it's easily 10 or 15 seconds of mine gone. :wink:

interesting thread ticats 111, to bad i had to read the negative responces to it, the old gang thinks they and they only are allowed to speak. wait for the self gratification to come lmao-- re the topic- it would be great to Palmer in CFL . he,s no where near past his prime, and would be a great addition to the CFl qb ranks. Maybe next xmas :thup:

Palmer was in the "CFL ranks"...and couldn't cut it. He hasn't played a serious down of football in 4 Christmas will make it five.


The Ghost of Christmas Past.

Palmer's stats:

US tv salary=$1.2 million
Als salary=$80k

Yup, he'll be back alright!!

An Argo-Cat fan

Isn't it absolutely disgusting that people get paid that much money to basically do what we all do every day on this forum for free: talk football.

And we do it better to. Well, at least in our own minds. :smiley:

Yes it is almost as disgusting (to me, who spends a small fortune on fishing trips each year) as watching guys on TV who get PAID to go fishing.....

Not sure what is worse. Palmer's CFL career or you people believing he's paid 1.2 million.

I think they took Madde's salary divided it by his weight then multiplied the result by Palmer's weight :slight_smile:

He gets paid that because people watch him...its that simple.

If that's the case, then the owner of this site must be a billionaire...

Wait minute...

I got a trade for yah! A pair of old stinking socks and ZONTAR for some happy holiday cheers!:wink:

Who would take that trade? Marcel?
and to think you threw a hissy fit because Mitchell fired him. :wink:

Only one word describes you Zontar! ANNOYING!