Christion Jones released by Edmonton due to tweets

This thread was in the Edmonton Eskimos board (which I did not realize until I could not find the topic in the league wide thread on my phone). I assume some (like me) who do not normally go to the EE thread may be interested in the story and discussion.

Here link to the original thread for reference.

The series of events

The original tweet said...
"Ima keep it this real....
Man ain't supposed to be with a man. A women is not suppose to be with another women.

Live life with safety."

He was immediately challenged on Twitter and in numerous (over 50) since deleted tweets he replied to those criticisms or demands for an apology with tweets like these.

" STAND ON WHAT I SAY. Regret nothing. Apologize to who??? "

" I will never apologize."

Then on Sunday referring apparently to comments made by Janis Irwin an Alberta NDP MLA - who is Lesbian - who had said - "I spoke with media today about pro Edmonton football player Christion Jones’ homophobic tweets. I am hopeful Mr. Jones will apologize and that he’s willing to learn and grow. I’m here to help him along that journey if he wishes."

Jones tweeted...
" From Janis Irwin. “This is an opportunity for growth.” She is absolutely right. My words were deeply hurtful, painful and served zero purpose. I added to the struggle of a community, to live a life free of oppression of any kind. I sincerely apologize. I was wrong. :heart:! "

That was the series of events just so everybody has those details as they read this discussion.

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My opinion.

FYI - my opinion on this is that I think he dug himself a hole too deep when doubling down on his original tweet with the exchanges he had immediately after that.

Had he just zipped it and then the Sunday apology tweet would have been at least a sliver more believable.

I think back to when Jays player Kevin Pillar used Fa@@#t and how disappointing that was for so many Jays fans. But to his credit he EARNED forgiveness. This is a good read

Not only did he and the Jays direct his lost pay (due to suspension) go to PFLAG and You Can Play - for months he worked with those organizations and various others to learn. Key excerpts from that article.

“I look back a year from it and am thankful that it happened, because I hope the uncomfortable conversations that I can now have – which can be uncomfortable, can be sensitive, and for a long time there wasn’t really a reason to have these conversations – people can understand the impact it had.”

Most poignant was a private meeting with roughly 20 LGBT people and their parents in Toronto last July, during which Pillar heard first-hand the challenges the young adults in the room faced in both accepting themselves and gaining the acceptance of others.

“Hearing the struggles that they go through living in their own skin every day was really sad, it made me even more remorseful for what I did, knowing how much the word is still casually used and how deeply it offends them,” said Pillar.

“You would think living in 2018, during a pretty progressive time in the world, that a lot of these struggles that these individuals go through would be something that would be a thing of the past. I can only imagine what it’s like for them to try to live what is considered to be a normal life after hearing what they have to go through.

“Just the fear of how they’re going to be accepted by their own family, their own friends. Then you throw in society on top of that, and what they continue to go through was eye-opening.”

My preference for any situation like this is an outcome like Pillars.

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Seems a bit cultish to me

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Is the problem that Mr Jones has that opinion, or that he opted to publish it? As someone who has relatives, friends, and acquaintances who are gay or who in turn have family members who are gay, I am of the opinion that Mr Jones is entitled to his opinions, but erred in publishing them as he did. His notoriety, unfortunately, may give licence to others who may be more hurtful or hateful.

I don’t support discriminating against someone just because they are gay, but, on the other hand, I don’t believe we have to necessarily enter a friendship nor accept all aspects of their lifestyle, just because they are gay. Can’t we just consider people as people rather than as labels?


More here.

Maybe Jones should move to Amaranth, Ontario.

hey your not allowed to post that stuff . :smile: :heart_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :smirk: :smirk:

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He has an opinion which he believes!! Good for him. Other have a different thought/opinion!! Good for them. I total disagree with the result!! Don't say thing against today's flavor or your tossed out!!
Didn't say I agreed with his opinion. However disagree with results!

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Maybe not!!!

There certainly seems to be some authoritative folks particularly on one side of the issue. They will punish dissenting voices by any means possible. You see that a bit more down south with the different groups who choose violence, "doxxing" and so forth.

Its a shame to see the cfl go down this road too.

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Let me see a guy who leads the nation dresses up constantly in some inappropriate costume of whatever culture while representing the country and has on several occasions has not just put on black face but danced around in a very radicalized way . Won't say it watch it for yourself .

Yikes the CFL's ridiculous knee jerk reaction . Especially the hypocrisy in this league . A league who lost a human rights tribunal has zero right to inflict any penalty on some poor black athlete who has very right to voice his religious views . Can't wait until a devout muslim says the same thing .

Good luck with that as they will get sued for a few million .

CFL needs a good kick in the ass before rushing to judgement .


I think we all know what would happen in that case.


Oh oh how dare you make a funny because it's true joke :grinning: :smile: :rofl: :joy:

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Well some anonymous person apparently didn't find it amusing. .

...guys lets not cross the religion line, okay...there's enough meat on this story regarding what can/should be said in public and how we communicate compassionately without bringing religion into it...i don't want to remove posts (and then have to explain the obvious to those who's posts were removed)...

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We've been discussing hate speech.

And, while you may not like it, many people couch their hate speech by saying it is based on their religious beliefs.

A Christian can express hate against homosexuals based on the bible. A Muslim can express hate against homosexuals based on the quran.

So what you are saying is that we are free to be critical of hate speech, but we are suddenly not free to discuss it if the hater says it's based on his/her religious beliefs.



The CFL crossed the line with religion .

Good grief the ESKs fired a devout black player over a tweet but this same league embraced a white rich Texas jack ass even though he embarassed the league with wife beating and drug embracing activity .

This is a reaction to what the ESKs/ league did and it deserves our diverse opinions pro and against .

If they don't learn from it here good grief trying to sell tickets if this league stays afloat .

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There is always some twit on this forum who has to control others thoughts or opinions . We don't have to agree on anything but we should be able to converse on such bold issues .

I argue and have my mind changed by diverse opinions . They made me think and see their side of the issue .

Thats how we learn to get along .


I'm of the opinion that you are free to be a jacka$$ if you want to be a jacka$$ and im a bit appalled that a league would choose to fire someone over expressing a belief (which may or may not be rooted in his religion).

The CFL may very well have a lawsuit on their hands and I hope the PA grieves this one.

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