Christie Buono as Vancouver's Top Sportscaster !

I want to complement Wally’s daughter Christie for the fantastic work she’s doing on BC Lions TV on the Lions website. Her interview with Cameron Wake today was really good, and I love Kelly Bates interviewing Rob Murphy! It’s a classic! Check it out!

Christie, you’re doing a fine job! We don’t need Squire Barnes! We need Christie Buono covering Sports in our great city!

I’m serious, Christie could be on any of our 6 pm sportscasts and I think do really well, with some work of course. Now with Tony Parsons moving on we need some young blood in our local TV. A different direction. A fresh look. Squire has got to go. Go Christie!

Can I get a show of support for Christie Buono please!

Yay Christie.

I would have to agree, she seems great. I watched her on CFL history on TSN where she did a half hour show on Allen Pitts. It was a couple of years old, but she did a great job.

Christie should replace Squire Barnes. Hopefully with Chris Gainus taking over from Tony Parsons they can bring in some young blood, such as Christie.

Squire is old material, from the CKO days in the 80s. Squire is anti Lions and was also anti Grizzlies.

Squire has never been supportive of anything the BC Lions try to do. Case in point. Remember in 2005 with the heated QB controversy?

Squire suggested there would be nothing to report about the Lions unless there was a QB controversy to talk about. He said that if there was no QB controversy there would be nothing to talk about with the Lions.

What a stupid comment. Bring in Christie.

Another sports anchor that probably never played anything

Squirt Barnes (As Neil McCrae calls him) was a Horse Racing Jockey. He actually sits on a stool so he looks as tall as Tony Parsons!

I think somebody has a crush on Christie Buono

ya think? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just remember who her Dad is, as he could arrange to have a few Linemen Crush the guy with the Crush! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Christi may get her wish as I seen her chop block then drive Squire Barns knee into the pavement in the Global TV Parking lot , She must have learned that dirty trick from Pop and the Leo's O-lineman.