Chris Wilson

What do you guys think of this rookie DE?

I liked him in last night's game. I didn't notice him against Toronto though. He looks promising.

is he the guy who tryed to rush the ball out of the endzone instead of taking a knee which resulted in a sutherland TD? that was a bone head play. if it wasnt this guy, does anyone know who it was?

The guy who tried to take it out of then endzone was Jerel Myers (dont know if thats correct spelling) and im pretty sure hes a rookie wide reciever. Anyways to Chris Wilson, i dont know alot about him i know that the coaches are pretty impressed with him, and they say he has incredible speed for a DE. I think he looks like a promising, young player.

ok so it was a rookie mistake i guess it can be forgiven. as long as it never happens again.

As much as the Myers return attempt was a rookie mistake... I blame the coaches for that one... It's the coaches job to tell the guy who might return it before they go onto the field that if they miss the FG and you're 5 yards deep go for it... but if they miss it and you're 15 yards deep then take the knee... and if they did tell him that and he still ran it...he should be benched for not listening... but i'd be willing to bet nobody told him before he wandered out on the field for that play.

Sorry...i know this is a thread for the DE Wilson... but i figured with it mentioned in an earlier post that i'd give my 2 cents on it here.

Yes this does make sense. the coaches could of given a signal to him or something.
well i guess i have to forgive Myers then