Chris Williams???

....Just wondering, would Williams necessarily have to return to Ham. IF he returns to the CFL...I see he was released on Dec. 25 and signed by Trestman and the bears...IF he doesn't make it there could another CFL team try to sign him, if he decides to return to this league..... :roll:

Only if he returns next year. League allowed some finagle garbage agreement.

The Ticats would get Williams back next year if he came back to the CFL, but Austin would almost certainly trade Williams after he fought them on his contract. Austin was not impressed with that at all, and would have no desire to coach such an attitude.

I don’t seen Williams being back before the final NFL cuts for next season. Whether he stays with the Bears into next season or not, someone in the NFL will give him a full training camp to see what he’s got. Even then he might keep himself available hoping for an injury to open up another chance for him. He fought pretty hard to get out of Hamilton so for him to return to the CFL with his hat in hand, tail between his legs would probably take 2 seasons of futility before he finally clues in.

...I believe Williams has to play if he was picked off of another clubs pr....We'll see Sunday when the bears play, how it looks for him...I don't know what role Trestman will have him in but it should be interesting.. :roll:

I know he has to be on the active roster, but I wasn't sure if he could be one of the game time scratches. Devin Hester is out so Williams' role will probably be primarily as a returner. Hard to see him getting more than a few snaps on offense since he won't have a lot of time to get acclimated with the playbook, especially with one less practice day during the week due to Christmas. If he's going to cut in the in NFL it'll have to be first as a returner and then go from there IMO. You look at the CFL-NFL comparables in terms of physical size and ability, Marcus Thigpen and Andrew Hawkins would be those guys and that's the path they followed. Now after a couple of seasons they are getting more involved on the offense with their respective teams.

Big game for Trestman and the Bears. Win and they're in the playoffs, simple as that.

.....Didn't see much of Chris on Sun. wolverine ...After that loss he'll have a lot of time to get up to speed on the Bears roster however....Trestman must have been fuming after that one...His D looked like the Bombers in the last stages of that game...getting wittled down and then ...bang.. you let a receiver get behind you deep ,at the crucial juncture of the game and it's all over...Very un-Trestman like... :roll: All in all I guess his coaching debut was a success...Like's next year..

What must have crushed Trestman was the defense not playing to the whistle on that GB touchdown in the first half.

That's because he was a game day inactive after Hester was deemed good to go.

Andy Mulumba looked great. Got a sack and a tackle for a loss for the Packers.

It'll be interesting to see what GB does at the draft. A lot of their problems stemmed from their defense after losing a number of starters to injury, that and their QB depth was exposed after Rogers got hurt. Mulumba played well but that LB spot could be where GB stocks up in the offseason and it could impact Mulumba. Can only selfishly hope eh?

Only problem with us picking him last year was it was clear he had a deal with the Packers and the bombers weren't in a position with their NI talent to take a futures pick in the first round. They should've addressed more immediate needs right away. A couple of guys taken after him would've made the bombers a much better football club immediately like Edem or Brett Jones.

Joe Mack's stellar ability to select players that won't be around for awhile and take others far too early in the proceedings will certainly be missed!

…After the performance by Mulumba, I doubt we’ll see him…ever…Have to agree with wolverine…wasted pic, when we could’ve been more selective and addressed our ‘immediate’ needs…Some of the previous gms glaring mistakes are beginning to rear their ugly head… :thdn:

Brett Jones would have been my pick for the Bombers and the situation they were in.