Chris Williams

Williams filed for arbitration, claiming his contract should be void because the Ti-Cats did not offer him the required one year plus an option deal.

He obviously hopes last season draws NFL offers if he succeeds.

Given last season, if he becomes a UFA and the NFL doesn't materialize how much would/could/should the Als offer?

He is a game changer.

I would not offer 5 bucks for that angry little midget. He turned down Chad Owens money from the Tiger-Cats.

Don't want a guy whose head clearly is not in this league. Our return game will be better just by virtue of Bischoff's departure, and we have better receivers than Williams, so we don't need him on offense.

I`ll go at least 10 bucks. But seriously lots of answered questions here, starting with is his new agent Dan Vertlieb orchestrating all this and pulling Williams strings?

And how could he have been allowed to be represented by Bryan Cox the non-certified agent in the first place?

This is the CFL Player /Agent form:

[url=] ... ntract.pdf[/url]

And this is a list the CFL Players Association puts out of certified agents:

So tell me how a non-certified agent was allowed to represent him? Is this on Williams, the CFLPA, or the Tiger-Cats?

On him, Buck Pierce has the same agent and has signed multiple deals in the CFL with two different teams. There are a whole bunch of players in the CFL who's agent is not registered with the league.

Je ne voudrais pas de Williams au sein des Alouettes, du moins, pas avant qu'il ait fait un sérieux acte de contrition.

Je crois qu'il n'a plus de valeur pour l'instant puisqu'il tente désespérément de quitter la LCF. Il ne veut pas jouer dans cette ligue alors pourquoi traîner un gars qui ne veut pas être ici? Il n'aura pas le coeur au travail de toute façon. Et dans quelles dispositions sera-t-il si ça ne fonctionne pas? Il pourrait revenir avec de meilleures dispositions comme Taylor, mais pourrait revenir troublé comme Printers.

Pour ma part, regardant sa saga, je trouve qu'il a plus de Printers que de Taylor.

why not make a pitch for him? If he is interested in coming and proving he wants to be a part of the team and is willing to fight for his spot on the roster during TC, if not, he gets released,