Chris Williams vs. Thigpen

If Marcus Thigpen suddenly rejoined the team, who would you rather have returning punts/kicks/MFGs?

I think the answer is that they'd probably be alternated in some fashion to keep them both fresh.

Williams might be a little more valuable to the offense, based on the number of passes that come his way. Thigpen has excelled on offence when they've called his number, and has the versatility of being able to play RB/receiver, but I think he's still learning the receiver position.

I'm a little surprised to be typing this right now, but for some reason I think Thigpen is more proven as a returner. He's done it a little more consistently over a longer period of time. I sure hope Williams proves me wrong in the coming weeks.

Both would earn A+ in my class and I would love to have the problem of squeezing them into the lineup. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Well I can tell you that if Thigpen becomes available in the near future you may see a certain veteran running back and a certain average receiver/below average returner sent home to make room for Thiggy.

I hope he does well with the dolphins, but if it doesn't pan out for him down there I'm sure EVERY fan will welcome him back with open arms..

As for who I would go with if Thigpen was here, I would obviously the both back there on kick off return and I would have Thigpen returning punts. Williams could be more effective on offence if he didn't have to return punts and then immediately go out on offense.

I would say hang on to Thigpen because the way Walker is playing he could be trying his luck in the NFL next year.

Is he only on a one year contract?

Every CFL contract is now two years minimum.

Onrea Jones?

That's what I thought. And if Williams is on the standard two-year contract (Grant signed an extension, but I don't remember hearing the same for Williams), then he could be heading south or to a other team next year.

Obie, time to start negotiating. Please?

If Thigpen were to return (and I do mean if..) put Thiggy and Williams both on returns,
who would the opposing team kick it to...what a dilemma :rockin:

I would like us to have this problem please. kthxbye.

fortunately Williams is signed through the 2013 season.(plus an option)

from Drew:
"there was also some chatter regarding Chris Williams' contract status: Williams is signed through the 2013 season and because the most recent CBA closed the NFL option window, he should be here for the duration. Ticat general manager Bob O'Billovich has generally been successful at signing American free agents to two-year plus an option deals as opposed to the minimum one-year and an option".

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