Chris Williams Settlement

Chris Williams has reached a settlement where he's free to try out for an NFL team but must play for the Ticats for two years if he decides to return. This is again a breach of the CBA and it permits the Ticat to "protect" an extra player off the books for expansion. I don't like this at all from a competitive stand point. The league should absolutely not allow these types of deals that contravene CFL and Union rules.

Every team should start signing players like that. Why not ?

Now a precedent has been set and the floodgates will be open for others seeking to bolt to the NFL by way of a back door contract breach.
What’s to stop any CFL contracted player (e.g. Duron Carter) from making the same deal from this point on?

this will not benefit either the league nor the CFLPA and surely compromise the validity of future CFL agreements.

I don’t like this at all.

The old option year rule allowed a player to leave at the beginning of the final year of his contract, with the team holding his rights through to the end of that year. If the player failed in his attempt to land an NFL spot and decided to come back to the CFL, he ended up having to play for his old team (unless he got traded or cut in the meantime). The player was not counted toward the salary cap until / unless he came back. This deal isn't really that different, although the two year commitment for one away is a bit steeper. Not that I'm complaining; I'd love to see him back in the Black and Gold for many years to come.

Unfortunately for Williams, it may be too late to land a roster spot for this year, unless like some have suggested there is already a deal on (or under) the table.

Where in the world are there rules that make this legal? They can now hold someone under contract for two years longer than their contract by letting them try out with the NFL early?

That makes NO sense at all. Bring back the option year rule instead, that at least was consistent.

Here's an interesting thought. I'm guessing that Williams will continue to appear on the Hamilton roster as a suspended player until he decides to come back to the CFL, at which time he'll sign a new contract and be taken off suspension. So, given that he won't be a free agent as he'll be under contract (sort of) with Hamilton, will he be eligible to be drafted by Ottawa in the expansion draft? Not that Ottawa would take that chance, but could they?

That deal hasn't existed for 3 years since the new CBA.
He also has to clear Waivers.
Ticats get to protect his rights through expanion and beyond without using a roster spot.

Basically this breaks 3 major rules that govern competition and player movement in the CFL.

Absolutely mind blowing...

How is it legal? Because the settlement is a contract in itself, one that has been agreed to by both parties, one that benefits both parties - Williams by allowing him to try out with an NFL team now instead of having to wait until next year, and the Ticats by retaining his rights if he ever does come back to the CFL. Win-win.

How / whether it's allowed under the CBA is another question. No idea.

The guy lacks integrity. He should have finished his contract as agreed to and then pursued other options.

except that this is not really a two year deal as Williams has agreed to play in Hamilton during 2013/2014 if he wants to return to the CFL, and this season is near end while CW will be at NFL camps in 2014.

[b][i]"Effective immediately, Mr. Williams is free to attempt to sign with an NFL team. Should Mr. Williams decide that he wants to play in the CFL for the 2013 and 2014 seasons, he has entered into an agreement to play for Hamilton"[/i][/b]
this deal seemingly has little to no benefit for the Cats.

I know it's no longer in place. Hence the use of the term "old option year rule". I'm just saying that this situation isn't that different from the old rule.

Why would he need to clear waivers? He hasn't been cut; he's still under contract for this year, but has been suspended. And he's signed another contract with the team for the future, albeit not the usual type of contract we see in the league.

As for protecting him from the expansion draft, perhaps he isn't protected. But would Ottawa really draft a suspended player who has stated that he doesn't want to play in the league, and definitely won't until his NFL options are gone. Plus, is this any different from a neg list player, who would also be protected (I think)? Other than the fact that we already know what Williams is capable of in this league.

Fair enough. So it's almost exactly the same as the old option year rule, meaning we might see him halfway through next season if he gets cut. But you never know, if he tries out with a few teams this year and gets no nibbles, and he sees no interest from teams, he might decide to come back for TC next year. Not likely, but possible.

Chris didn't say much in his interview on radio leaving much to his agent and lawyer but you could pretty much tell he already has several offers or one in particular he has already agreed to in the NFL and probably already signed whiled he had his contract in the CFL with Hamilton, it's not hard to figure that one out by the way he answered the questions. Unless he gets injured or severely fails you won't see Chris Williams back in a Tiger-Cat Jersey or with any CFL team in the future.

Agreed …

Contrary to expectations down here about far less importance for the return game on kickoffs after the line for kickoffs was moved back to the 35 ,
with returns down as intended by design all the same under the guise of safety but realistically so as to have more steady time for commercials during changes of possession,
and as evidenced by Trindon Holliday in Denver,
having a rare blazing return man is a coveted edge for many an NFL team as I bet will be Chris Williams.

Big ups to Chris Williams for staring down Kant Austin and the TiCats - - all the best in the NFL. Yet another embarrassment in the long line of botched personnel and management decisions by the incompetent Hamilton brain trust.

Glad this is over. I think there were mistakes made on both sides, but as a fan of the gridiron game I want to see a talent like Williams with a ball in his hands.

I think the 2-year award of his rights to the Ticats is still not enough. The CFL team should retain a player's rights indefinitely if that player still has unfulfilled time remaining on his contract. Hopefully, the CFL will bargain for this when/if they significantly bump up the salary cap for 2014.

...but it's OK for Williams to refuse to report and honour a legal contract. I think your priorities are a little of on this Tridus. Hamilton is the victim and Williams is in the wrong so if the settlement causes any extra hardship on Williams I see nothing wrong with that.

Personally I wish the Ti-Cats had not settleed at all and hold him to that contract. They would have a good case that he still owed them a year next season had they let him sit out this entire year. I hope he never plays pro ball again.


Beginning to see why he was so insistent on getting out of the CFL. Didn't take long to sign a deal with the New Orleans Saints.

I have one disagreement with the article. Sproles is a fine return man and as versatile a player in the NFL, but I don't doubt the Saints would want to have Williams on the team perhaps at least later in the season to "spell" Sproles so Sproles can continue to be an offensive weapon and major mismatch for linebackers and some defensive backs.

At least Williams is off to a good team. Before the season started, I picked the Saints to win that division.

Ya know what the funny this about all this????? I've been a huge Saints fan going back to when the original Manning
Peyton's and Eli's old man Archie was the Saints Q.B. Ironic isn't it :oops: Nonetheless I still stand by my posts about this.
And one thing I'm positive about,ain't no way that Williams gets his old #80 main man Jimmy Graham wears it.
And Paulo your absolutlety right.....the SAINTS will 100% win their division,don't be surprised either if you see them once again in the Super Bowl!!!!!!!! :thup: :thup: