Chris Williams, Rookie of the Year

Congratulations to Chris Williams. Imagine if he had played the whole season.

The guy is plain friggin good and with another year or two under his belt, he should be great.

Congrats to Chris. This honor is well deserved!!

Congrats Chris! Keep it going for next year...can't wait

Congratulations Chris. Great news. :slight_smile:
This guy is a good 'un. He is the kind of player we need for the future so let's hope we can hang on to him.

He wasn't even part of the "42" in the first game of the season against Winnipeg ... and maybe a couple more games in the early stages of the season.

What he accomplished in less than a full schedule is overwhelming.

Grats Chris! :thup:

With additional experience (and a full season) next year and thereafter, this talented young many could easily top 1,500 yds receiving.

The anticipation of next season is already excrutiating. :x

He totally deserved it. Congrats to him.

Good Job! :thup:

Big congrats to CW! So much raw talent and I can only see him getting better with coaching.

Chris Williams the best of the best. :thup:

Congtats Chris! A lot of people down here in New Mexico want him to try the NFL. After thinking about it
dont include me in that group. With the bigger field and his kick return ability (still think he should be the Tiger Cats
#1 kickoff return option) he is well suited to the CFL and can see him having a long career with Hamilton.

I enjoyed watching the Hamilton games, just wish the NFL channel would hav had more games.


Oski Wee Wee,


I thought he'd be named MOR, and it's good to see that he was. Congrats, Chris.

There did seem to be some room for improvement in his game. He helped make this season more fun for us, and I hope what he did this year was just the start of what he'll do for us.

The team put up a video of Chris's highlights last week. It would have been nice to see some of his long runs where he broke a bunch of tackles, but other than that, pretty well done.

Congratulations Chris , Rookie Of The Year we are all proud of you. :rockin:

Did anyone notice the name of the last Tiger -Cat to win this award? Mike O'Shea is this some kind of omen?

Lets hope that OB doesen't do with CW what he did with PRod. after his exceptional rookie season.

Let's hope that CW doesn't do with CW what PRod did with PRod. As in CW continues to play well and improve, becoming a great addition to the team, unlike what happened with PRod.

An article on Chris Williams from New Mexico,

LAS CRUCES - Many who knew Chris Williams believed the former New Mexico State Aggie football player would succeed in the Canadian Football League.

Williams did just that this past season, as he was named the CFL's Most Outstanding Rookie, an award that was announced late last month.

"It was good to step in and play, just get a full season under my belt," Williams said. "There are definitely some things we can work on, like any other year. But we're looking forward to coming back next year and being better."

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