Chris Williams released by Bears


Let's sign Williams immediately! Brandon Banks is obviously awful!!!!

Crap....the Argos might have just got the perfect compliment to Chad Owens. That being said though, I doubt they'd be looking to spend the money. More likely Ottawa will want to give him a gander as they desperately need receivers.

I'd still bring him in. He's better that Sammy G (that is if we could get another Canuckelhead to start)

Worst case that's a pretty sweet trade piece For next year

Its so sad that people can't see the difference between Giguere in the slot and Giguere wasting away at wide side WR. He's going to be a great slot receiver for somebody else and everybody will say hia head wasn't in it when he was here. Quote this when it happens.

you can't say you'd rather take Sammy over CWilliams? Anyways don't want to argue about it.

Just checked, Banks is on the list as a Free Agent

Williams may just be needed.

I loved it when he was playing slot filling in for Fantuz. The best way that I can see this happening right now is this:

Banks Fantuz Grigsby Giguere Tasker Bakari

Really, if there HAS to be a sacrificial lamb out in no-man's land, Bakari Grant is certainly not getting very many touches at all recently. At least on the wide side Bakari can use his height to his advantage on deep balls. Its tough when we have so many highly talented receivers on the roster...

There’s no argument. Ones Canadian and ones American. Agree completely that the true comparison would be with a guy like Grant.

Check your ratio before you cut a Canadian starter for an American or at least provide the other spot (and player) you would like to start a Canadian and then I’ll tell you if I think it’s worth it. This isn’t fantasy football.

When SG filled in for Fantuz he did a great job, and Andy didn’t catch a ball yesterday. Might be time to consider resigning Giguere to replace Andy.

Andy is nursing a Hamstring he was added to the Roster to hopefully get him in game shape for the Grey Cup , and you will notice a 75% Fantuz still drew double coverage on a few plays.
Back On Topic CW = NO THANKS, Banks is happy as heck to Resign in Hamilton

We have Brandon Banks.

Chris Williams, your services are no longer required in Hamilton.

Banks likely got himsf invited to some NFL camps after the season he had.

I for one would like him back if that scenario presents itself.

the reason teams are not worried about SG. They game plan for Fantuz.

Anyways let's just agree to disagree because I feel like this could slide into a ratio argument. And i don't want to get allworked up over that silly rule.

Ted said on the Fifth Quarter that there were some NFL scouts at the game. I'm sure Brandon will get some consideration down south, just for his performance yesterday alone. It was one for the ages.

I doubt Williams will come back to Hamilton considering his history with this team. If he does, I'm sure Kent would welcome him.

Thanks but NO THANKS to Williams,that ship has left port a long time ago.
Believe me this team is far better off without Williams than with him,he made his bed,I say screw him let him sleep in it. I would much rather welcome back a player like Thiggy than Williams if he ever becomes available again.

But he would be a good fit in Ottawa, they need a game breaker. CW was a great receiver too in the CFL

He's in his 30's and been off and on injured for 2 years, making at least $160k per year.
If Burris can be moved, so can Andy. Not saying its what I want but if it gets us younger and puts Giguere in the slot full time I'm sure Kent would think about it.

Thiggy >>>>CW no argument here

I simply would love to see Giguere get the ball a bit more and I'm sure him playing the slot would help as he doesn't seem like WR is his forte.

Don't get me wrong Banks is the real deal in the CFL but there's a dozen Brandon Banks in the states. Nothing wrong if he wants to go try his luck in the NFL though.

Perhaps, but how long did it take and how many players did we try at the position before Brandon Banks came to the fore. And how many other teams have someone this explosive?

If you have the right player, why spend time trying to reinvent the wheel.