Chris Williams (Praise Be His Name)

As others have alluded to earlier, Earl had a Big Game back in 1988. Perhaps we have an heir apparent?

That's quite the compliment.

Marcus Thigpen was the first player in CFL history to get a TD five different ways in a season. After tonight, there is a good chance that Williams will be the second.

In any case, it sure doesn't look like he'll be a one year wonder.

I think Chris is a special player and like Earl, you do everything to maximize his talents in space. A great half for him!

Oski Wee Wee,


Ha! Geat thread and thread title!

I think you’re on to something!

Now tell me that Chris Williams should not be in the TSN top ten of the top 50 list....

Pass reception for TD - check
Punt return for TD - check
Field goal return for TD - check
Run for TD, kickoff return for TD - they're on his To Do List

So, has Chris ever played DB? Interception for TD?

When's the head-to-head race with Walker planned? Maybe throw Giguere and the Grants (once Terry is ready) in there?

Right now he's the MVP of the league.

Wow hard to believe people were ready to give the ol' heave ho to Obie for trading Prechae to SSK for an intriguing neg. lister (Chris Williams)

I'll second that. Right now he is proving he is no one-year wonder. He has had an amazing start to 2012. Over 100 yards receiving in Week 1, two TDs in Week 2 and now three TDs this week. At the 1/6th mark of the season, he is the MVP, MOP and MOSTP. The guy has been nothing short of amazing.

Every time I see him play, I'm reminded of the graphic that someone on this forum created of him in a Tiger cat uniform characterized as Speedy Gonzales.

I still say that image would look great on a t shirt. I even suggested at the time that it should be forwarded to the Tiger cat merchandise and marketing people. Like the Cobb hats, it would be a great seller. I know there are trademark and copyright issues.

Bob, are you listening???


Now tell me that this would not be a great seller. A thank you to Onknight, who, I believe, created this.

I wrote before the game that I hoped Cortez would scheme to get Chris Williams involved in big plays. Little did I know that those big plays would also include special teams. :smiley:

Great win for the Cats, and IMO the kind of win this team is going to live and die on. Lots of swing plays for big yardage, feast or famine. You might run cold for a quarter, but then explode for multiple TDs in the next quarter.

Big praise coming from you lol.

C.W is a beast. I said at the beginning of the season that he would go from ROY to MOP and I believe that. The kid is a beast and he's so humble and nice too. Can't say enough about him.

There is NO WAY you like him more than Wayne Lee. :wink:

He hasn't quite reached that level yet, but he's close. lol

266 yds total and 3 tds in one

zero touches in second half.....????? Really?

I can accept that maybe he drew extra coverage and extra attention from defense....but .....why was he not returning punts???? Owens plays receiver and returns EVERY kick....Williams should have been returning reason, barring injury, for not using him every chance they get.....

Chris had a lower body injury. During the presser afterward, George said that he asked Williams to go back into the game to work as a decoy for some passes to Walker and he agreed.

That makes sense then...hopefully its nothing ...maybe cramps?

I was wondering why Burris neglected to throw in Williams' direction during the second half.
For CW to have a measly one reception for the entire game is a travesty.

Throw the man the ball and then watch with awe.

What? I don't remember that at all. I'm sure there is a thread you can cite to prove this point. Even at the time, I think everyone realized that Rodriguez was a one-year wonder and would never get back to his 2008 form. But I'm sure glad that the Riders missed the boat on this one. While I suspect that Williams will be plying his trade south of the border at some point, I'll be cheering him on for however long he plays here.