Chris Williams Please dont go..........

I just bought your Jersey!!!!

I hope he stays with us after next year. I believe he still has the option year which I am sure The Cats will exercise.

For that reason I ended up buying a blank jersey. Long serving franchise type players like Mosca, Henley and Zambiasi are usually not the norm anymore. Players like Geroy Simon and Calvillo are pretty rare. If a player is mediocre they are usually only around for a season or two and the really good ones end up bolting to the NFL where they can make serious cash. Especially import players. Player turnover rate is actually starting to get a little ridiculous.

same here tcmike.
bought mine at the beginning of the year.

NFL cash is difficult to dismiss, although if Obie (or whomever is GM next season) could offer a long term security agreement, Chris may be inclined to stay.

Marvelous Medlock stated in an interview a few months ago that he very nearly re-signed with the Cats, and were just a few thousand dollars apart (Obie would not budge) thus there is hope for Williams.

I hope.

Not sure we will see him go other then maybe to another CFL team. He is quite small and had a fair amount of trouble holding onto the ball. He may get a shot at an NFL camp but I don't see him making a team.

where is this coming from?
i haven't found any articles of him leaving the cats.

excerpts from Drew:

[b][u]Chris Williams Keeping NFL Options Open[/u]

Given his nice-guy tendencies, Williams is reluctant to talk openly about his future career prospects, deferring direct inquiries to his Vancouver-based agent, Dan Vertlieb. Williams is entering the option year of his first contract, a time when many elite players look to sign lucrative contract extensions in the CFL or decide to play out their deals with an eye to trying their luck in the NFL.
At 5-foot-8, 175 pounds, Williams is teeny-tiny by NFL standards and spent just a few short months on the practice roster of two American teams after tearing it up in college. But two great seasons in the CFL - not to mention off-the-charts speed - are likely to draw some interest south of the border.

"I don't want to rule anything out. They've been very good to me here and I'm not going to forget that, " said Williams. "But the NFL is definitely attractive."

Williams may be looking to follow in the fleet footsteps of former Ticat Marcus Thigpen, who signed with Miami after a stellar 2011 campaign that saw him become the first player in CFL history to score a touchdown five different ways in one season. So far this year, Thigpen has played in all eight games with the Dolphins as a kick returner, scoring one touchdown.
"Me and Thig played together and I know exactly how hard he worked and what he put into it, " said Williams, who is still in touch with his former teammate. "To see him having success, it bodes well for someone like me. I know I have that in me for sure."[/b]

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He will get his NFL shot in 2014 if he stays injury free next year. Could go like Larry Taylor and he comes back or like Thigpen…

You can’t blame him for signing with an NFL team - Just one year at a Million dollars in the NFL would take him 20 seasons in the CFL at 50K. Even if they paid him 100k a year in the CFL and he managed two seasons in the NFL at a million a year, it would still take him 20 seasons in the CFL to make that kind of money.
If he managed 10 season in the NFL at a million a season it would take him 66 CFL seasons to make that amount of money even if we paid him the same as Fantuz $150,000 a year.

Absolutely. The only question is the "if" part of this. No idea what his current contract is, but his next contract in the CFL will definitely be over $100K, and maybe over $150K, which can't come close to what he'd end up making as a "rookie" in the NFL. Even an NFL practice roster spot pays pretty well, although not what he'd be making up here, and there would then be a chance of being dressed for a game or two and making more. But that all depends on him making a team. His speed and experience work in his favour; his size and (perceived?) hands issue work against him.

I think it would be amazing if he could land a regular spot down south. But if not, he had better stay a Ticat.

Just done some checking for information sake and it seems that for 2012 the basic salary for a rookie is around 390K. Much more than he could make here, and if he makes a team, there is nothing to say they will not pay him more. As good as he has shown may not be enough for down south considering other aforementioned factors.

Someone mentioned in a previous post that Medlock was just a few thou off and would have stayed here. I hope Obie opens the bank and keeps this guy here, when the time comes.

But he wouldn't be a rookie in the NFL - since he bounced around a couple of teams in his rookie NFL year and he played 2 seasons in the CFL.

Why wouldnt CW be a rookie in the NFL? Never played in a regular season game and I think that is the determination for a rookie. I could be wrong, anybody know for sure?

More than once this season my son and I remarked that Chris Williams was worth going to the game even if we lost. His incredible speed is just amazing to watch. Off the field he seems to be a very humble and nice young man. I remember his apology to Coach Trestman after walking backwards and getting caught at the goal line. This humility is very rare in a modern athlete.

Though he would certainly make a lot more money in the States he could become if he is not already the face of the Ticats for the next decade. He might also make some serious money in endorsements the Hamilton area, well a dollar or two at least.

Okay, I know I am hoping against hope but I also hope that the Ticats do all they possibly can to sign him long term. He is indeed worth the price of admission.

Please seriously consider staying in Hamilton Chris!

If he never played a regular season game in the NFL he would be considered a rookie. even players who are sign practice squad contracts are not considerd being in the NFL and hold rookie status until they are signed to a 53 man roster. Once a player is signed to a 53 man NFL roster that is considered being in the NFL even if they are a scratch every week once you sign to a 53 man roster you are considerd as being an NFL season.
Even if he did was on a 53 man roster for one game a second year player minimum salary is still very low by NFL standards at 460K.
Chris Williams would be foolish not to take a run at the NFL. Even Gizmo Williams spent one season with the Eagles of the NFL before returning back to Edmonton.
Next season with the CBA and the TV deal expiring at the same time there will be a substancial raise in the salry cap as a direct result of the TV revenue that each team receives but it wont be enough to keep Williams who has at this time a legit shot as a returner. For others however they will not be so quick to jump if they think a practice roster is all they will be playing for as the minimum salary along with the security of having a contract as well as actually getting to play will weigh in on there options. Williams however is a special player and will be highly south after. Also the fact that he is also a WR and has had two 1,000 yard seasons will make him more valuable knowing that he can also be a back up receiver.