Chris Williams "Play to the Whistle" Campaign

I don't know if this is just bad timing or if the deal was made after what happened on Saturday (as kind of a way for him to make amends, so to speak), but I did get a chuckle out of the campaign being called "Play to the Whistle." He sure didn't take that advice on that missed field goal.

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Very timely. I suspect it's not just a coincidence, but more of a clever promotion idea. And better than anything involving hot dogs, I've gotta say.

From now on, we can now longer say that it's of no consequence if he gets tot he one and someone else scores the TD.

For each touchdown Williams scores for the remainder of the 2012 season, Fox 40, the Ticats and the reigning CFL Most Outstanding Rookie will team up to donate $1,000 to Liberty for Youth and City Kidz.

Stroke of brilliance. Whoever comes up with this stuff should get a raise.

Chris has taken a lot of heat over this worldwide and it's nice to see he still has a sense of humour about it. He's a great kid.

Pretty quick (and brilliant) getting Fox 40 International onboard with this program. Good advertising for them, good PR for the team, and good for Chris to turn this into a positive with the community. I suspect that the program will be raising a lot of money for the kids of Hamilton.

Well done.

Cool idea.

Tip of the Tiger Cat cap to Chris Williams and the organization for such a charitable gesture.