Chris Williams infomercial

Really TSN?? Just watched the CW informercial expounding on the magnificence of Williams. Yes he is having a great season so far but how does somebody who stiffed the CFL and in particular the Ticats get to be the darling of the TSN broadcasters. One thing the infomercial should have included was that even if you cough up the 230k, this guy is not staying. Chris has probably already packed up the infomercial and sent it to the NFL. Beware Ottawa.

I think he watched it too many times, 1 catch for 14 yards tonight.

He's a hell of a receiver and return man. He may try the NFL again but I doubt he'll stick there, certainly not any better than he did last time. He's been very successful in the CFL. As for stiffing the Ticats, I agree he wasn't very nice, but then, the team screwed up too and didn't follow the rules in the contracting process. That was all sorted out in arbitration. I'm over it.

His team lost in Regina. That's all that really matters, to us.

The trend doesn't look great.

First 5 games: 176, 187, 130, 63, 14.

MOP predictions may have been premature.

Looked like a charity game for Sask, Harris trying to hide on the sideline after so called injury. :roll: :cowboy:

This guy does not have the talent to play in the NFL. He has a chance in CFL with the wider field.

Part of it I'm sure was having the 3rd string QB out there, but i'm just having fun with it :smiley: