Chris Williams est débouté

Chris Williams a perdu sa cause en arbitrage.

Je mettrais un petit deux qu'il cherche présentement comment il pourrait faire appel de la décision de l'arbitre. Lorsqu'il aura vu les délais que ça implique, on verra s'il veut encore montrer ce qu'il peut faire sur un terrain canadien, ou si Monsieur préfère rester chez lui pour ne pas risquer de blessure.

Maybe Chris should watch the Brian ridgeway tackle at the one yard line a few times. Eat some humble pie and get back to work. One season in the CFL will not make him a stand out with the league to the south.

I'm glad he's not our problem. Sucks for fans because he's a joy to watch (most of the time). The price for his shot at the NFL is a 3 year commitment... It has brought a lot of bad press to the Tiger-Cats but in the end Americans come up to Canada out of lack of choice and that's not going to change.

Arbitrator ruled the Tiger Cats did in fact breach the collective bargaining agreement but not enough to void the contract. The penalty is a fine but the CFLPA did not request one. :roll: Another only in the CFL situation.

From Hamilton Spectator:

The Ticats have won their arbitration case with star receiver and kick returner Chris Williams — despite having violated the terms of the CFL’s collective bargaining agreement.

Independent arbitrator E.E. Palmer has ruled the contract between Williams and the club is valid, while also finding the Ticats breached the CBA by negotiating with an unregistered agent.

Palmer stated that the penalty for such a breach is a fine, however, not a termination of the contract, as Williams and the CFL Players’ Association had requested. A fine was not levied because Palmer said it was not requested by the CFLPA.

Palmer also found the team renewed Williams contract last October – essentially picked up his option – in the manner required by the CBA. But the arbitrator also acknowledged the team did not use the exact language surrounding the renewal as laid out in the agreement.

That transgression wasn’t enough to void the contract, either, Palmer ruled.

“In my opinion, claims that the club was misusing their bargaining position to the detriment of Mr. Williams are not substantiated,? Palmer wrote.

The arbitrator’s brief statement – a full written ruling is expected later this week – does not address Williams’s contention that he was not offered the minimum deal at the time he signed his three-year contract.

While we`re on the subject of the Tiger-Cats, just as ridiculous is the Plesius situation. Who does he think he is, or who does his agent think he is? Time to start proving himself.

From Hamilton Spectator:

Austin said there's no news on the Frédéric Plesius situation — and that's not good news.

The linebacker, taken at No. 10 in the 2012 CFL draft, continues to miss training camp while the Ticats and his agent, American-based Jonathan Hardaway, try to negotiate a deal.

Things are not going well.

"His agent has dug in and we're moving on," said Austin.

Plesius won the Presidents' Trophy as the CIS's top defensive player in 2012 on his way to winning a Vanier Cup with Laval. He attended a Philadelphia Eagles mini-camp last spring and another with the New York Giants in May, but has not been able to secure an invite to an NFL training camp.

But Austin says the issue isn't Plesius's NFL aspirations.

"According to the agent, it's about money," Austin said. "That's what they're telling me."

It's hard to tell sometimes if agents help or hurt the players they represent. If William's agent had been registered with the players association, would the outcome have been any different?

Plésius n'a jamais eu l'intention de jouer dans la LCF.

Non. Ça n'aurait fait qu'un reproche de moins adressé aux Timinous.

Le résumé de la décision de l'arbitre ne me surprend pas. La faute reprochée ne justifiait pas une annulation de contrat.

Par ailleurs, Williams n'a pas aidé sa cause en ne retournant pas au camp des Timinous. Dans la mesure où il pouvait ne pas avoir gain de cause, comme ça s'est avéré, il devait au moins montrer de la bonne foi dans sa conduite. Là, il se montre de mauvaise foi sur toute la ligne.