Chris Williams ASAP

Enough is enough we need him bad :roll: Caretaker Re negotiate a 200,000 dollar new contract and offer it ,if you want to win now? :cowboy:

Get the NFL stars out of Williams' eyes and then MAYBE.....JUST MIGHT be able to start talking to him about returning.....til's NOT under Bob's control.......

100 Billion Dollars!

WOW!!!! Only took 5 games and hear we are crying we want CHRISSIE back,please come back,oh pretty please,give me a break!!! This team's problems go way beyond if #80 was here or not,get over it people,move on he ain't coming back,period...end of story!!! :roll:

ya but we'd probably be sitting above .500 with him in the lineup...

totally shouldn't even try to talk to him.. definitely should crawl on hands and knees begging... that'd be bad...

Who says he would even want to come back??

He's probably sitting at home watching this team fall to 1-4 and happy he's not apart of it.

I agree with him here, we probably would be sitting at .500.

I think he's more than happy to sit out the year (even if offered 200K) and then try his chances at NFL camps next year. If he doesn't make the cut, he will come back to the CFL and a team will have no problem signing him.

I'd rather go 4-14 than have him back here......i think austin feels the same. good riddens

A: will we get to 4-14? doesn't look like it so far.

B: Hitler can suit up and free safety if it gets us to the cup, and i think austin feels the same.

I wondered how long before someone would cry to this foroum I say NO WAY do we call him he hasn't give 2 flying ducks about this team or the fans since he left end of last year. IF we can't win with the guys we got now what makes one think he's gonna be our saviour If we never win another game this year without him ill be ok with it as oposse to winning the cup and see him left lift the cup. STICK to ur gun KENT

CW already declined a deal from the Cats worth approx $190,000 per year, so I don't see how an extra 10,000 would make any difference. He is banking on the NFL and won't budge, unless of course Hamilton offered NFL which will not happen period.

IMO Williams slight stature (155lbs) will hinder an NFL roster spot culminating in a return to the CFL, although not likely with the Cats due to the strained relationship.

Then the question arises..
Can Williams duplicate past successes upon returning or go the way of Casey Printers?

"IMO Williams slight stature (155lbs) will hinder an NFL roster spot culminating in a return to the CFL, although not likely with the Cats due to the strained relationship."

Yep, he will go down there and start to play on a narrow field...and fail. He will be cut by the 3rd week of NFL camp next year and then he will end up in Toronto or Edmonton (probably Edm).

Last year someone wanted a "name" for Chris Williams. There were all kinds of submissions. I guess they offended him. Apparently he like the one I used, Chris (NFL bound) Williams.

I really don't think the smaller field hinders Chris as much as people want to believe. A lot of his return TDs were created by Chris just being flat out faster than everyone else on the field, as well as some beautiful blocking. On most of his returns he would generally bust in right up the middle, then start to angle to the sidelines to avoid the kicker or a late man back.

I really have no idea how Chris will pan out in the NFL, but I don't think he will fall flat on his face like most on the board predict. He has world class speed on a football field, and if there's one thing everyone knows about football, it's that speed kills.

I expect him to ship out west if he does make a return back to the CFL one day, or he might want to go play for the Argos and make us look plain silly while wearing the double blue. Who knows, I still hope he pans out in the NFL though ... he'd be a killer kick returner in Madden :twisted:

Wwho cares what field he’s on chances r hill be in the streets

Williams is not coming to the CFL this season. It was not an ideal situation but neither the Hamilton organization nor Chris Williams has had a harsh word in the media about the other party.
Hamilton gave him a chance to play pro football and he did a great job of doing it along the way collecting a rookie of the year award and a record breaking season.
Kent Austin was a pro player and he knows the window for a football player is small.
Austin also knows about making tough decisions when he left The Riders who gave him his big pro shot as a player and a HC to join his alma mater at ole miss as an OC.