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Kent Austin's take on it

"We are pleased that the independent arbitrator has reached this logical and obvious conclusion. As we have stated all along, and the arbitration result validated, Chris has a legal and binding contract with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. We’re eager to put this matter behind us and continue our preparations for the 2013 season.? :cowboy:

It is over lets move on.

Let's see if and how long it takes him to man up.

Beat me to it ... My thoughts exactly!

Sounds like a perfect time to start a pool ...

Yes or No whether he says something (10 points)

If Yes, how many days until he says something (-1 point / day away from when he does in fact man up)

If he shows up to camp (20 points)(Might as well be 100 points since that ain't happening!)

It initiates finality on what might have been a can of worms for the whole league, as I suspect more were in the same situation with the unregistered agent thingy ........I suspect we will not see C Williams in a ticat unform this year however it is the CFL and anything can happen ............what will be will be .......lets move on indeed.

Does this mean Austin expects Chris to now show up for camp?

or that he the team can put the question of contract validation to rest and soldier on without CW?

Says something - Yes (something to the effect of "I accept, but disagree with the arbitrator's decision")

How long? - Thursday - 2 days.

Shows up to camp? Yep. He's gotta do it if he wants a shot at the NFL. Even if he shows up only to be shown the door by Austin, he'll be here. For one season.

I could be wrong but i think it means he cant try the NFL this year.. and if he doesnt report to hamilton he doesn't make any money this year.. :cowboy:

What a strong, well-crafted statement! So far, so good, with Mr. Austin at the helm and he's getting better every day.
I've always expected that, if he lost the arbitration case, Chris would return to the team and be welcomed back by his teammates. I still do but also respect that it is his legal contractual right to choose to remain a suspended no-show for this entire season and then be free to go where he chooses. I expect he'll be contacted, if he hasn't already, by Grant, Burris and others. What remains to be seen is how he choses to consider their advice compared to that of his agent.

Mr. Pike, I meant to include in my post above, that I agree completely with the first half of your post (up to "thingy")

Austin's statement is deliberately vague , so as to leave all options open: "we are eager to put this matter behind us and continue getting ready for 2013..."


that much I had figured.
just attempting to read between the lines of what Austin meant by stating "We’re eager to put this matter behind us"

curious as to whether Austin has yet been informed of CW returning or not.

Would the rumoured new contract of 1+1@ $180KYR that was offered last month be re-offered?

If we are to believe all the no reply stuff, related to efforts by the team to contact the player and his agent, can we believe the player is even aware of that offer? I'd say the one-word answer to your "re-offer" question is "YES."

He has 2 choices. Report and make his 48000 or sit and make nothing. He should not be offered anything else because he will be gone next year regardless.

The standard CFL contract is a mandatory 1+1, therefore if Chris does sign an extension he would not be able to leave (legally anyways) after one year, unless the club releases him.

and correct me if I'm wrong, but was CW not offered a $200,000 per year contract extension Grover?

If Chris signs a new 1plus 1 he would be Ticat property till the end of 2014 , the option year would be 2014 to be picked up at the Ti-cat management discression or they could opt to not pick up that option year, then he would be a free to go after 2013 .

Maybe now Bruce13thMan can come clean and give us the goods. You know, since he has the inside scoop on this whole sordid Chris Williams affair.

Some may think CW already has a deal with an NFL team who's paid him some up front money to just sit tight and safe from injuries for the year.