Chris Williams Angry, Possibly Not Coming Back to Hamilton

Well this is concerning: ... icats.html

Yeah doesn't sound good. But what could CW possibly be upset about? I think he was close to Obie but I can't see Obie's firing influencing him to not come back. Realistically we don't even know what this means but if Williams is actually "beefing with [the Ticats?]" I would really like to know what's going on. I wouldn't want to see our franchise leader in kick returns and receiving TDs go out like this.

i think Chris has been trying to catch on with the NFL this off season with a good set of highlight clips form lasy year . This is much like Thigpen did. I don't blame him as I would do the same ..sort of the SELL HIGH APPROACH .

I saw a few interviews with Chris involved with his College etc and they asked him about his NFl goals etc it is on his radar .

So then Chris's ex team mate asks Chris to hook him up with the cats for a tryout and i think the cats said they will look at him and then changed their mind ...Not sure if that was OBIE or not .

My opinion is that if he leaves the cats it would be fr NFL opportunities and not because thecats won't tryout his friend.
this might have been what set him off to say that ...

It looks like Chris' tweet i snow gone

I think Chris didn't realize that we are wacthing is every tweet

Chris Williams has 1 more year remaining on his contract.

If he's "beefin" just because we won't sign his buddy, that's pretty lame. I'm really surprised to see this, Chris seems like a good guy but between this and what happened against Montreal last year, I'm beginning to wonder.

That's funny, I could have sworn CW was older than 15

Hopefully the "real" CW is the guy who deleted the tweet, and not the one who wrote it

Hopefully this remark was just a momentary lapse of judgement on Chris' part.

The team can ill-afford to lose such a high caliber player, especially one who contributed 38% of the total TD production for the entire team.

CW is a rare find that cannot be replaced.

If Chris refuses to report this season, is this not breach of contract? (as the Cats hold the final year option in 2013)

I thought he may have grown up from the back pedal incident that happened last year. I gave him the benefit of the doubt about being young and inexperienced, caught up in the moment. I guess I was wrong, it does not look that way. Any MAN who needs a soother can leave anytime no matter how good you are. Don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out.

If he is a man shut up, stop your crying and get ready to play ball.

Tier 2 Fan

Seems like the tweet has already been removed from both players' Twitter pages.

Williams is one of our top players and seems like a great guy, and he's usually very careful when he speaks. Let's not bash the guy when we know so little about the situation or the comment itself.

I think Drew is a bit of a douche for posting that. If it's really that slow of a day in the CFL media then it's better to post nothing.

He is further damaging any bad blood already built with CW and the football ops.

Exactly. You guys probably wouldn’t be saying anything bad about CW if the backpedal indent never happened last year so let’s not get on his case about something we know nothing about.

And to the guy who wrote “Tier 2 fan”, I think we all need to that in our sigs :cowboy:

He's the beat writer. It would be crazy of him not to report on this.

I'm sorry but a tweet is to news what a ketchup pack is to a gourmet meal.

It's kinda sad that Drew would ever post a tweet as news.

He did not report anything. He opined and put it up for discussion on his blog (that is short for web log). If he was to write it in the Spec that would be "reporting'. For such a tech savvy guy as you proclaim I am surprised you can't make the distinction.

Anyway isn't calling someone a douche bag breaking the rules of this forum ? Is that not considered a personal attack on Drew Edwards ?

I'm not sure what Williams was hoping the team could do for his buddy....

For sake of argument : No team is going to give away the farm or a stud player for CW if he's leaving next year and Austin is under no obligation to trade him. He can keep CW at home if he doesnt want to report. MIssing a year of professional football doesnt exactly further CWs dreams.

Austin holds some cards in this game too.

Well. He sure does not sound too motivated. His agentmight advise him to sit out a year.

Who ever said Obie was fired ... their is a distinct difference between being fired and retiring. Their would not have been a press conference with Bob in attendance if he was let go.

As far as the backpedalling incident last year ... not certain how important that is here ... certainly didn't affect his performance when it was time to hand out the Player Awards at the end of the season.

Take the ridiculous money they paid Fantuz last year and add it to Williams salary!! Williams deserves to be paid three times as much. If that keeps him in Hamilton, great. We can live without Fantuz but not Williams.

I don't use Twitter or like Twitter for that matter but I hear one of its many uses is for quick news updates. So don't use that against Drew. We should be thankful we have someone who blogs about the team every day even when he's not working.