Chris Walby

Does this guy have an 'indoor voice'? He screams every word into the mic. How loud is he? I made this chart to demonstrate.

Someone tell this guy to sit way back from the mic. Like about 2 miles back. Then I won't have to hear him. Nice job on basically calling for the suspension of certain lions last game .... isn't the CBC supposed to be non-biased?

I cant believe I actually agree with Walby's comments on the BC Goon squad...maybe theres hope for him after all....

I think he took too many blows to the head, damaged the speech volume control section of his brain. I'm willing to bet he talks like that at home, and on the phone....etc...etc.

Walby was reacting to the refs throwing out the wrong Lion..and he wasn't the only one. Freyers, Friedman and Jones were in agreement. Shreko dodged a bullet.

…BIG man …Big voice…not too many people liked him when he played either…he likes it that way… :lol: :lol: