Chris Walby statement

If you saw last night's CBC CFL telecast, you'd have heard Chris Walby mention that he spoke to Alouette centre Brian Chu who told him that they were already looking forward to the Bomber game (looking beyond their next game with the Ticats this week). That's always a dangerous thing to do--look beyond your next game and it could be that the TiCats can surprise the Als.

The TiCats have some proven CFLers in key positions so you know it has to be a matter of time before they put the pieces together. It could be against an over-confident Montreal Als.

An Argo fan

Maybe it's because they finished studying our game films and realized they had no homework to do to prepare for us.
It's either a 3 man or 9 man rush with no real masking of the blitzes.

Tongue planted firmly in cheek.....sort of.