Chris Van Zeyl's charitable effort

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Over night in a car? Come on Van Zeyl step up your game.

After 10 straight days, the World’s Longest Hockey Game, played east of Edmonton, has come to an end.

The game, which raises money for cancer research, began on Feb. 4 with a goal of raising $1.5 million to support life-saving cancer research at the University of Alberta to benefit patients at the Cross Cancer Institute.
Much of the game was played with an extreme cold warning in place. Temperatures dipped into the mid -40s without the wind chill. The conditions led to frozen propane tanks and frostbite. The extreme cold even caused pucks to freeze and shatter on impact. One night, the crew lost upwards of 50 pucks to the elements.

Now that's facing the cold's truth

Good luck and good on him

How did he do (two days after the event)?:

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