Chris Thompson

This guy is the real deal!

He has been one of our best players this year, how he makes some of these interceptions is beyond me.

Chris Thompson is a ball-hawk with fantastic hands....6 int's on the season and 4 of em have been great catches

The one bright light this season, all season. Quinton Porter vs Winnipeg and for the 10 points last night against BC. Setta Too. Geoff Tisdale The Cheerleaderrs.

Otherwise bleak season.

Fire the guy that brought him in! :wink:

Careful....if he's THAT good, we might end up trading him away. lol

Very true, LOL

I wonder what we would get in return... Maybe someone who doesn't want to be here or a great Canadian draft pick!!! lol

Glad to see you're finally on board CK. I've said that Thompson and Knowlton are the two best players that O'Billovich has brought in. That is clearly NOT enough.

right he should be finding 24 new superstars every year. I don't think any team has had more than a handful of amazing new players in a given year(excluding traded/FA CFL vets). I've seen a lot of failed experiments at all levels of management in Hamilton in the past few years but Bob O'Billovich is not an experiment - he's proven to be the real deal. Give him a chance - and 10 months does not qualify as having already had his chance.