Chris Thompson Released.

He and EDM part ways. Quick, Kent , sign him before he goes on the Haunt Team's neg list.

Always liked Chris Thompson not sure if he would fit into the new look young Ti-Cats and Austin's plans but you never know?

not to worry,I'm sure that Desjardumbs will be phoning him shortly,and he'll wind up where all ex-Cats wind up lately,the newest addition to the REDTHINGS. :stuck_out_tongue: Last time I looked at the Ottawa roster they're are at my count 14 ex-Cats on that team.

Just call them Ticats North.

Always liked Chris Thompson. Hated that trade that sent him to Edmonton in return for Mo Mann. I realize the TiCats really needed a receiver at the time, but that was a very high price to pay.

On that note ... I do believe Eric Tillman was GM in Edmonton when that trade occurred ... so there's someone in the TiCat organization that likes Thompson as he traded for him previously.

Some will say that Thompson is getting a little long in the tooth and perhaps too old. He'd be the senior member of the secondary in Hamilton but he's just a little over 2 years older than Dee Webb.

Stats for 2012 & 2013 Seasons

Webb = 84 Tackles - 3 Ints - 2 TD's - 1 Fumble Recovery
Thompson = 95 Tackles - 9 Ints - 0 TD's - 0 Fumble Recoveries

Both play field/wide side DB.

Is Thompson an upgrade over Webb? If so, by how much? Webb is also a veteran leader in the locker-room. Thompson is a quieter kind of player. Webb is physical. Thompson more finesse. Thompson has better ball skills imho.

Would you sign Thompson & release Webb? Because to me That's the question.

The ironic thing about Thompson and Webb were they were both involved in trades for Mann
Thompson traded to Eskimos for Mann in 2010 and Mann traded to Toronto in 2011 for Webb.
I also liked Thompson when he was here,and it's kind of funny in a round about way but if we never traded Thompson in the first place we never would've probably ended up with Webb.In answer to your question,I don't see us picking up Thompson at this time,the D-backfeild is pretty crowded at the moment,with lots of young talent,personally I see Thompson landing in either Ottawa or the Peg for next season.

I cant see the Cats interested in him with the direction they are going with the D Backfield.
Any other team that does not fell they need more competition at Field DB then Thompson will give them that. Thompson released more likley to make room for Coach Jones preferred players so he is by far a cast off no want hasbeen.
Ottawa needs Import DBS like crazy especially HB spots. Going to camp with both Webb and Thompson certainly makes much sense to add to vets Javon Johnson and TJ Hill to mix with new imports. All should be with the team somewhere to start the season depending how how good some new guys are and who else they may bring in. They will most likley stock up with a combo of guys on roster, NCAA rooks on PR, and NFL or CFL vets on 9 game IR. giving them the whole season to sift through every option possible.