Chris Szarka

I was just wondering where Szarka has been so far this year? Is he hurt or just not in their plans right now? Just wondering as I have not heard his name yet this year, any info would be great. Thanks

I really wish Szarka would leave the Riders as he has been around so long and they dont use his talent, i think he could be a starter and do very well on another team I really think he's wasting his career time in Sask, use him or trade him he is a good talent

He's a fullback. He blocks. Every couple of games he catches a screen pass.

That's what fullbacks do.

I have to say I have never really understood why everyone has always loved him so much...

He is a starter, he's like an extra lineman out there on running plays. We have too many weapons on offense to hand the ball to him much. I don't think there's really any teams in this league where the fullback is going to get a lot of touches.

Beleive me Chris is not with the team just because he is a fan favourite. Chris is the ultimate team player and performs whichever function the coaches require of him. That function has primarily been blocking and special teams. But if you remember back to 2003 Szarka led the league with 12 rushing TD's and was the west division's nominee for Top Canadian. Then Barret and Shivers asked him to shed some weight and gain some speed because they intended to deploy him in a different fashion the following year. Chris did as asked but was not utilized at all the following year in a running capacity and because he was smaller he was not as effective on short yardage situations as he had been the year previous. Last year our running attack was not near as effective when Chris was off with his dismembered finger.

Chris is playing for the Rider's because he is willing to perform at the top of his ability whichever role he is asked to fill.

What? Or maybe he does it to keep his job?

If you remember the Riders 2004 home game vs. Montreal, it was Szarka who destroyed MTL's defense. Check the stats for the game. he may have even got Offensive Player of the Week for his success (but I can't be quoted on this part).