Chris Szarka searching for his Grey Cup Ring

This on Facebook

I hope he finds it.

Pretty sad. Hope he gets his ring back. Just too bad that she was not charged with theft.

Marital community property?

Shows her lack of character.

Just a quick note…
I didn’t make the original post to get involved in anyone’s dispute.

I posted it in case there are any fans here that are collectors or friends of collectors that might be able to help locate the ring.

To be sure, I have my knee-jerk reaction to the facebook post, but I don’t know any of the facts or circumstances, and its not my business. Others can think and say what they want, of course, but my purpose for the post was to help Mr. Szarka to get his property back, nothing more.


Hopefully Serena Dally now gets the public approbation she seems so richly to deserve.


Is it wrong to want to see what the rest of her looks like . :smiley:



Interesting that the Facebook article has only come up for me once so all I’ve had is a brief look.


I think its not only not wrong, but the integrity of the case depends on it. Good on you for being such a caring citizen.

How else can you tell what she looks like if you can’t see the rest of her? ;D

I was thinking it might be much easier for fellow CFL fans to point her out in the crowd .

Just a Joe citizen .

Not looking for any awards ; heroes like me can be found everywhere . :wink: