Let hope they …the SUN , doesn’t do it AGAIN…in OTTAWA with the new owners. Lets give them a chance , along as they don’t change their name and hire old people. 8) :smiley:

Libel??? Your joking right?

NO , I am not …News papers are a business , as is the CFL…You can’t just make up articles ,write what ever you want and purposley tired to kill another company…It is one reason why papers have “opinion” colunms…so they don’t get sued for what they say about other people or in this case , a league.

IF it can be proven that SUN MEDIA and most of its sports writers hate for the CFL and wrote only negitive articles with out any context…on purpose , they can be sued… BIG TIME. It is hard to prove, but this person at the OTTAWA SUN got caught admmitting a clear hatered for the CFL…All you would have to do is show them years of STEVE SIMMONS’ negitive articles about the CFL , WHILE former C.E.O…PAUL GODFREY, wanted a NFL team in TORONTO. :smiley: It was just so obvious to most people.

I am sure that the OTTAWA SUN’S articles didn’t sell many tickets in OTTAWA , this time and last time around.

What is truly sick is that SUN MEDIA sponsors the CFL and gets it’s money with it’s left hand and then blasts it in their news papers with it’s right hand.

It is not very professional to have only negitive articles about 1 league and almost completely ignore the faults with other leagues.


When is last time you read a negitive article about the NFL , besides the SUPER BOWL?

Do they go on and on , as they do with the CFL , about how much money the BLUE JAYS , lost in the last five years…

Other sports leagues lose money , have free agency , have teams fold or move…see: the NHL…ect…

To me , in my opinion, there is an obvious double standard towards the CFL and those other PRO leagues…and what is even more distrubing is that they seem to be doing this to a Canadian institution. :roll:

Maybe LIBEL is the wrong term.

It would only be libel if they made an untrue statement. What he stated was his opinion, which, wrong though it is, he is entitled to print. That’s the job of a columnist.

If they said that the CFL is robbing blind orphans and using the money to fund Amish terrorists, that would be libel. (Unless they are; hey, I don’t keep track of them 24 hours a day.)

Well you can’t have commercial that says that , TUMS SUCK , try our product instead , with out proof.

Maybe a better word is collution.If it can be proven that negitive articles were written on purpose for the goal of killing a league.That can have a major law suit.

Again , did you read the TORONTO SUN when PAUL GODFREY was their C.E.O.? He wanted a NFL team in Toronto.

On MONDAY, they would have 4 pages of NFL coverage and 1 page of CFL …they never wrote 1 bad article about the [except about a boring the SUPER and the non sell outs of those NFL ex. games in TORONTO which bombed.]

Steve Simmons, and CHRIS are seemed to be still at it today.
That is my opinion. :smiley:

Both should be writing knitting ideas. That is their speed. I find the media in most places across Canada are guilty. Where do you find the CFL new in a little blurb near the back of the sports section during the off season. I am tired of all the Amercian ssports crap in the front pages of the sport section. I am not saying do not report it but thats have our Canadian sports up front.

Don’t you get it…CANADA is minor league… :cry: :wink: :lol: :smiley:

I would just settle for fair treatment…all they do going is making the U.S. richer and us poorer, FREE OF CHARGE , but when try to tell them that and they think that you are insane.

Some day they will write themselves out of a job.

You have to write or call them… :smiley: I letter doesn’t work but five does.

No, because TUMS is a registered trademark, and you wouldn’t be able to use it without permission, which you’re not likely to get if you’re going to say they suck.

Collusion is probably a better word, but it’s harder to prove. That would require proving a conspiracy. There may have been a conflict of interest, if it can be proven that he was part of a group trying to bring the NFL to Toronto, and he was using his influence to eliminate their biggest obstacle: the CFL and its proprietary football rights to (then) SkyDome.

I’ve never read the SUN past page 3. :wink: I know they have a bias towards the NFL over the CFL. So does the Globe & Mail (though their “sports section” is a big joke anyway) and the Star. I’ve never read the “National” Post, so I can’t comment on that one, but I expect it’s probably the same.

Acutually , the STAR is starting to get alittle better , except for DAVE PERKINS , who loves baseball…WE , have to write these people. :smiley:

The National Post , actually has more CFL coverage or used to , but they have almost got rid of their sports section, altogether.

The GLOBE , is a joke.They hate most Canadian things.

The SUN , is really bad in OTTAWA, as is the SUN in TORONTO . JIM HUNT was the only one who liked the CFL years ago . PERRY LEFKO, is really good, now.At least he times the good and the bad.

THE FAN… is really, really bad…while they have lots of coverage of the CFL , they constantly put it down , and rarely say anything good about the CFL. :roll:

Personally I stick with my local paper, the Spectator. They’re owned by TorStar, so there’s a little too much Argo coverage for my liking, but if there’s any CFL news, they’ll print it. All the Spec’s columnists are supportive of the CFL and the Tiger-Cats, though they aren’t afraid to say negative things (when there are negative things to say.) One guy even got into a fight with Paul Osbaldiston a few years ago…though oddly enough, he’s not with the paper anymore. :wink:

The so-called “national” newspapers like the Globe and the Post try too hard to be like the New York Times, and ignore the CFL altogether. The Globe’s sports section is usually little more than a page with a story about the Jays.