For those who didn’t see this.

CHRIS : to me

" we did just fine here in little Otawa when there was no CFL franchise from 1996-02 "

WOW , what a jerk.Don’t exect any support for anything that the CFL does in OTTAWA. Talk about BUSH LEAGUE media. And he is not the only one…maybe the Ottawa owners might be suing the wrong people. :roll:

I have a copy of this letter if any one wants it?

I agree. This guy belongs in Toronto with the rest of the anti CFL media scribes.

I WONDER if the media in that rabid sports town will say the same about their SENS. hockey team (whenever they ever show up again) as they do about the Rens. I guess they find more sport on Capital Hill than they do in any sport forum…little Ottawa will always be little Ottawa with that kind of support. :roll:

Obviously this Ottawa Sun scribe is not a fan of the CFL. I guess everyone is entitled to their point of view. Here’s another one Chris Stevenson…you did just fine there in “little Ottawa” as you refer to it, for several decades WITH the CFL prior to 1996. Respect your rich CFL tradition. CFL fans across Canada do. When most think of Ottawa they think of the hockey team, football team and questionable politicians. Not a heck of a lot more. If little Ottawa could do without one maybe the politicians could leave. :idea:

Tough to sell the game there when they have outspoken media like that in town.

YES , but the SUN could be guilty of libel towards the CFL and be sued if it was proven that this was done on purpose. The CFL is a business.

Only in Canada would a paper in our nations Capital try to kill an aspect of Canadian tradition and culture.


So let us know who wrote?

Sounds like this Stevenson guy is very frustrated with the situation in Ottawa and has to talk like this as he lacks the grey matter to discuss a situation in a professional manner. Lots of these people in the media, sometimes its more who you know rather than what you know. I had a friend who was well educated and well versed on a number of topics but got canned from a radio station because his voice was not what they wanted. He mentioned that the people who ran the radio station were mainly rednecks with little or no journalism education, they just advanced at the station because they played the game with the owner. I guess in some ways, though, this can be said of other businesses and organizations.

Tell him Ottawa was perfectly fine for 70 years without Senators hockey, too. What’s his point?

That’ll shut him up.

Just a friendly reminder that attacking a single person for their opinion is not the purpose of the discussion board - but it can be a sounding board for you to voice your opposition to what they think.

Threats of vandalism etc. on anyone, even if their opinion is not popular, will not be tolerated.

NO problem…I was just reporting what CHRIS , wrote to me [I have proof]

Unfortunitly …this attitude is not just with 1 person …it is with the Toronto Star , Toronto Sun , PAUL GODFREY and his NFL dream [STEVE SIMMONS] , the OTTAWA SUN , the CALGARY SUN , some people at , THE FAN…ect…

What I condone… is phoning and writing them.Let the editors know about their mistakes?

There is 1 standard for the CFL and another for other PRO sports leagues in their minds…many people think that way, not just me. :smiley:

This explains why some people still think that an NFL team is coming to TORONTO and that the CFL is BUSH league, an attitude that was clearly shown by CHRIS. These people hurt our culture and make some Canadians feel that we ALL are second rate.The old …" if it ain’t American , it ain’t no good " way of thinking.Sadly this happens with other Canadian culture , like music.

In my opinion, if these people are actually sports fans AND Canadian, they should not be making such petty insults towards the CFL.

It does absolutely nothing. It gives unnecessary bad press towards our only purely Canadian professional sports league which puts out a very good (and affordable) sports product, by the way.

Statements like that prove absolutely nothing, are completely pointless, and make the writer/reporter sound like a jackass running their mouth.

We have a few reporters out here in lotus land that like to knock the CFL. I use their articles to line the Budgie cage. The birds have a good opinion of these guys and let it be known!

HEY …I wrote a letter to the OTTAWA GADES by e-mail and they just wrote me back…I am sure that they are not happy with the SUN and they seemed happy that I informed them about this…at least I tried and they know about this.

good job

see the TOM WRIGHT thread here…we are on a roll…

I guess after OTTAWA phones the SUN to complain and that WRIGHT , is not being fired… CHRIS … is having a really :lol: 8) :lol: :smiley: bad day…oh, well…

It was because of people with that attitude that “little Ottawa” had no CFL franchise from 1996-02.