Chris Spielman (ESPN)...CFL fan!

I was watching the Emerald Bowl on ESPN. Sean McDonough (play-by-play caller) and Chris Spielman (color analyst) were talking about Oregon State football coach Mike Riley when Spielman brought up the fact that Riley used to coach the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Spielman then started naming names of former CFL players like Warren Moon. McDonough asked Spielman if that was it for the CFL trivia. Spielman responded, "Hey, I'm a fan of the CFL!"

Chris Spielman gets kudos from me. :thup: :rockin:

Yeah, he rules. Always has.

An ideal advocate for expansion to Detroit.

Detroit already has a team. They are called the DETROIT LIONS. The CFL has NO business in Detroit.

I am not sure I know what you mean by "An ideal advocate". Do you mean that Chris Spielman is an advocator for CFL expansion into Detroit. Or is it you who is an advocate or maybe it's me. No wait, it's not me.

The CFL has as much business in Detroit as the OHL does in Playmouth and Saginaw and the WHL does in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

It's money in the bank.


Great point.

Oh yeah, Speilman was able to name Vince Ferragamo and David Overstreet as CFL players. Glad to see he's keeping up-to-date.

Upon further consideration of the above shown statement I refreshingly concur.


i was in the states last summer (St.Petersburg, Florida) and each CFL game from the week was actually aired twice (once live and once during the next week)

Why does it even matter that this guy likes the CFL?