Chris Shultz's Game One Picks

Chris goes with the Home teams.....................except for Hamilton

He says their Defensive Ends tip the scales in the Argos favour.

Figgers Another TO Hommer (he may live in Burlington but one an Argo is always an Argo)

I think that you have to be realistic. This team has given no one any reason to pick it to win for oh......the last 4 years.......until Hamilton demonstrates otherwise, if I was trying to correctly guess the winner, I would ALWAYS pick Hamilton to will probably lose more than win.....

That being said, I am full of hope for this year's version of the Cats.

Go Hamilton!

Without getting into details, i predict that the cats will win one out of the first three games.
seven games this year overall, May squeeze into the playoffs if winn and sask tank, and Glenn
will be no help at all. :cowboy:

While Toronto finished ahead of the TiCats by one game last year, I really felt that Hamilton had a better team (but as a TiCat fan, my opinion is a little biased). The highly acclaimed Argo defense was consistently torched, and their offense was unable to produce anything. As has been the case the past few years, special teams found them ways to win.

I expect the Argos offense to better with the addition of Picard and Murphy, but their defense should continue to struggle, and special teams may no longer carry them.

It seems funny that the we keep hearing the TiCats made big improvements, but we are no longer hearing anyone expecting them to produce results like they made big improvements. I think a lot of that has to do with the pre-season results which were not overwhelmingly positive, some areas that are still question marks (ie. can Porter be a bonifide starter, will the defense play better), and lets face it, a tradition of losing that is not easy to forget.

We could see a very different team on the field on Wednesday than we did in pre-season. I for one hope that we see some of the improvements meet our expectations. If they do, I have no doubt that Chris Shultz will be wrong, and people will start believing in this team again. If they don't, it's going to be, oh no here we go again.


Shultzie is a smart man. He knows his picks. After looking at all his picks, I bet he goes 4/4 in week 1.

No kidding? How about this...he is still a smart man by going 3 of 4 :lol:

Hamilton beats the Argos to start the season off RIGHT. :thup: :rockin:

i think, with Zeke and destroy, and the kissing bandit in the argo secondary, they should improve a great deal against the run...

the loss of Byron 'MR. interception' Parker will hurt. and i dont like the argo receiving corps. Bruce is not consistant, and Talbot, who used to be Damon Allen's number 4 guy, is now number 2, with no proven receivers filling in for what they've been missing since the days of Tony Miles and Robert Baker.

so, i think the argos will be back to the days of good D and no offence.

Chris Shultz is not a homer by any stretech of the means.

Now Jock Clime on the other hand loves to praise the favorite and belittle the underdog....then if the underdog wins he praises the underdog and belittles the favorite.....catch my drift. Clime ALWAYS finds ways to insult the Cats and makes a point of doing so whenever he can.

Chris on the other hand is the most knowledgeable football man in the CFL media today IMO. He is very articulate and has a very good sense of what goes on on and off the field in the CFL.

To say Shultz is homer is way off the mark.

These guys have been picking Ham to lose for so long they can't think of anything else. Its up to us to prove them wrong by wining .

I gotta agree with Shultzie on this one. The Cats D-line has not looked impressive at all. Also, in both pre-season games we did not look anywhere near as prepared as either Winnipeg or Toronto. Hopefully the D-line proves me wrong. First team against first team in the Argo pre-season game, the Argo offence looked far ahead of Hamilton's. :cowboy: