Chris Shultz for Commissioner!

Like Tom Wright Chris loves the CFL

I hope he is approached to make the sacrifice.

Whether he is unhappy with TSN, as some people
on CFL Zone have surmised from this article, or not.

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We need a man of his background
to move this league forward.

Does he have the biz connections though? I love the guy, knowledgeable about the CFL and football all over, but I doubt he's in big with the big boys in the corporate circles.

I have to agree with you on this Ron. :thup:

woody, I also agree with what Ron says for moving the league forward, Schultz would do that in certain respects especially with rules and as a communicator, he appears gifted as a communicator for sure. But he would fall short I think in that I don't think he has worked in the industry enough to have corporate connections enough. Does he have a business background? I doubt it.

What's this concern for 'business connections'???
One of the better Commissioners the CFL has had was Jake Gaudaur, who came from the playing ranks.
If Chris took on the job, the 'connections' who matter would beat a path to HIS door to get on board.
The most important trait in a Commissioner is that he cares about the league and it's welfare. Chris qualifies.

Chris loves the CFL and is a good guy, however he dosen't have the marketing or business background to run the CFL as commissioner. I believe there are better choices out there with ex-players who do have experience like Neil Lumsden who has a degree in Sports Marketing or Lief Peterson who has a background in business and football. Any ex-player considered for the job should at least have a background in business or marketing to support his knowledge of the game.

Guadaur was a great commissioner but he definitely served a different CFL in a different time.

Anyone who is going to fill the commissioners seat today has to have a strong business background. Its the reality of today's sporting world.

It sounds as if Schultz would be better suited to head more of a pure sporting organization such as Football Ontario or to be involved with the CFL in a role focused on the competition itself.

If the people on CFL Zone have surmised that Chris is unhappy at TSN ,I'd say it must be winter and their brain waves are moving way too slow plus they have no football fix.
Chris loves his job ,if you can call talking sports a job ..:wink:....being a Commish would be way too diplomatic for Shultz and much too frustrating for him,theres no way!

The CFL Head Office has a staff to look after
necessary jobs that aren’t Chris’s strengths.

I would also agree with some of the others on this and say that Chris Schultz is a good football guy, but I don't think he is commisioner material.

In the NFL they have a new commisioner; I think you would want someone with their sort of background?
Paul Tagliabue is a lawyer, I'm not sure what the new guy's background is. Tagliabue increased the TV revenue dramatically. The CFL needs to find someone that can do that. Whether he be a lawyer, marketing specialist or corporate bigwig.

A good CFL commisioner needs to be able to increase the TV revenue and adhere to salary cap guidelines.

Whomever the league decides on, I don't think it will be Chris Schultz

I think everyone in this thread has made good points.

I don't know which way I would come down on this issue. I certainly would be happy to have him on the list of candidates though.

I wonder if he would be interested in the job?

Schultz understands how the CFL works (or doesn't work in this case) so I don't think he'd take it if the job was offered. Anyway, I think he'd be a good choice but not the best choice. I would've stayed with Wright for a few more years but these owners are the types who can't agree on anything except to devour their own.

An Argo fan

Why not? Couldn't be any worse than Howard Crump! LOL

This is the key.

I've worked for companies whose CEO came from Sales and Marketing, those whose CEO came from Manufacturing, and those whose CEO came from Accounting.

NOBODY has every management skill. It's all about TEAMWORK. Football fans have heard about that, right???

Shultz as comish comes pretty far out of left field to me, but that doesn't mean he couldn't make a serious bid to run the league. He seems to grasp concepts quickly and his presence is undeniable. It'll be tough to run the big guy up a flagpole though, he'd bend that thing like an antenae!

Please tell me this topic is a joke...PLEASE!

I can see it now: Schultz rooting for anyone but Hamilton (like he does on TSN now) only this time getting the Grey Cup in Steeltown would hang in the balance. He hates us so much, if he was commissioner, I could see him try to pull out the Hall of Fame so he would never have to come here!

Again please tell me you're all joking!

To be fair, he grew up rooting for the Cats as a booster living near Ivor Wynne, so that opinion should be re-jigged a wee bit. :wink:

If you listen to Climie rip into the Cats on the TSN panel, you would sense that Schultz’s “anti-Ticat” opinions were tame by comparison, IMHO. The way the team played on the field last season, open season by commentators WAS fair game.

Oski Wee Wee,

Cool - where do I send my resume.

Chris would be a great commish.

I really wish Wright would stay on. He has put the CFL back on the map. Ottawa was doomed from the start.

I too, am with the consensus that all of the previous comments have merit.

I think we all have great admiration for Chris Shultz and perhaps he would be a good choice for the job of commissioner, however, in today's world, I lean towards a guy with more business savy. Maybe, Shultz has this quality. I really don't know what he is outside of football or what he majored in while at university.

Another Hamilton born man of distinction comes to my mind as I submit this entry. Roger Yachetti is a top notch lawyer who would be more than up for this job. Roger would be about 65 or 66 years of age now and I still see him at every home game. He saved the Ticats from certain extinction several years ago and has football in his veins. (black and gold are his favourite colours too)

I don't know if he would even accept the job offer for commish, but he makes my short list.