Chris Schultz

I think TSN leaving the seat empty speaks volumes. I'm sure everything will sort itself out soon! :thup:

Milt and Dunnigan have great chemistry and were spot on Sunday night. Rod Smith solid as well.

How and why ? It has been 9 years.

FYI, he turned down an offer from TSN in 2008 because he got a promotion with the Pharma Med company he was working for.

He was not going to have the time for CFL work.

Enter Duane Forde.

[i]TSN needs to fire all those guys they have.

The new TSN panel should be these 3 guys![/i]

I read that his dad passed in June or July.

Might be involved in an estate issue.

Walby related to the blue collar guy ,sitting down having a beer and watching the game. He spoke their language,didn't pretend to be a big shot. I know a few scholars on here, look down on him for that. He had more energy,passion and knowledge than most colour guys.

I liked Walby. He was a great PBP man.

When the CFL dropped CBC, I was hoping he would cross over.
When I said " how and why " that was because it has been 9 years since we have seen him.

I bet he would have made a great OL coach.

He does the pre and post game shows, on Bomber game days . (1290 tsn radio )

Better believe that's a paddling.

I'd listen to that panel. Well, whatever wouldn't be bleeped. lol

Schultz is back tonight, just appeared on the Sask vs Ottawa game. They mentioned that he'd been gone for a while and welcomed him back. Didn't see anything about why he was gone.

I just turned on the game and saw him. I came here to see if they'd given a reason.

Whatever the reason, it's nice to see him back.

Welcome back, Schultz. :smiley:

Great to see the big man back.
Everything I have read the reason for his time off was the recent death of his dad.

Back 4 years ago posters were wondering where was Schultz.
I wonder if he had been sick for some time.

RIP - Chris Schultz

This is exactly what I had remembered including this thread! Ah okay now I see then it was time away after his father died.

Now less than 5 years later - HIM!?

It's very sad for me to think now what all was going on with him. 61 is not old by modern standards though of course it feels like it even when you are in your 40s on some mornings.

I didn't hear yet anything about a cause of death, but if he was fighting illness himself this entire time, my heart goes out to his family all the more after all the great contributions he made on TSN in the short time I saw him since becoming a fan.

That was the best panel those years too.